Bread bait — how to cook

Going into a fishing store, eyes run from the abundance of various feed mixtures for fish. And it is perhaps a disadvantage, not the advantage of being easy to get confused, buy the wrong bait and ruin your entire fishing. And the prices are on a proprietary blend of bite.


To prepare the bait at home with a set of components, not just long and hard, but also futile, because it is quite difficult to guess the proportions.

And every fisherman wants to simplify the process of making bait, but it was effective. And it’s possible to do the feed mixture from the bread.

Bread bait is effective in any case, of course, if not to ruin the different bait additives and flavours. In supplements there is no need, as carp are very fond of plain bread. And applying it, fishing with a trough will bring positive results.

In addition, grain feeding as cheap as possible. And it can be used to attract different species of fish.

Regular white bread eliminates the bite of small fish, but effective for attracting carp and carp.

How to cook bread bait

The bait should be prepared so that the ball of bait was falling apart in less than 20 minutes. Bait need breadcrumbs. It should grind into crumbs.

Also required feeder «method», which should be gradually compacted bread crumbs. You must get hand to RAM as it should. The first time, maybe it will not work. To check the trough in the bathroom or in a bucket of water.

Bread in the feeder must not break during the cast, and thus gradually disintegrate in water into small particles. When the bread will be Packed inside it is necessary to push the hook with the bait.

The bait you need to choose depending on the fish, which will be fishing. For example, for bream you need to use a pea and carp — corn. For carp will approach the worm.

It is also recommended to push into the bait a few pieces of bait. This is done in order to improve the nutritional value of the bait. This is especially important for catching large fish, such as carp.

The attractiveness of the bait easily improved by adding flavoring. Attractant must be added during the preparation of bait.

The fish does not remain indifferent to such a bait. Bread well proven.

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