Bottom fishing pike

Every fisherman knows that when given the opportunity, fish start to eat each other, especially the tendency of predatory fish. Therefore, they need to catch the live prey. For example, take a pike – this is a real predatory fish. Therefore, even if the fish on the hook, she still will have her. In this article You can read about several methods of fishing pike.

Bottom fishing with such greed, like a dead fish:

The easiest option of fishing on dead fish is considered a throw profit to the bottom. The bait must be equipped with multiple triple hooks, I use a wire leash, without which in angling pike is simply not enough. If you do not use a wire, then a pike that weighs about 10 pounds, able to eat the line, swallowed all the hooks and just die.

This method is considered very simple, so basically cheerleaders predatory fish such as pike can’t. When the pike grabs the bait, it starts to sail, so that the fishing line stretches, then relaxes, so the signal of the strike must show the bite on the flood. Can use the so-called shooting arm, because he begins to fall forward, at a time when a pike swims away. In General, in any case, whichever side is not starting to swim, a pike, falling lever will immediately warn You about the biting.

If You do long-distance casting or fly fishing occurs in flowing water, then it is best to hang the tackle lead sinkers. You can use weight from 300 to 850 grams. If You catch a pike by this method, then use the switch biting You will not succeed, because the sinker will serve as anchors, and the pike that will emerge, will stretch the line through it, no matter in which direction it will float.

Next, let’s talk about bottom fishing pike on live bait:

These methods can also be used for fishing with live bait, only in this method hooks should be installed in the opposite direction, that is, one set through the lips, the second on the back near the fin. Of course, you might think that live fish when in the water will start to float and will be constantly in motion. But this is absolutely not true! The fact is that bream or roach, mostly from floating to the bottom, therefore, most likely a pike immediately find the fish.

Undoubtedly, this method of fishing pike is easy, it requires special attention, and basically it is used only in those places where there is abundant vegetation. Fisherman should wait until the shaft stops, and only in this case can involve the signaller of bite, and then special attention need to observe how he moves, especially when the indicator begins to fall back. Although not the easiest method, but, nevertheless, with this method You will be able to catch the biggest pike.

If when fishing You will use lead sinkers, then with them, and use the «: float», as it will not allow the living of a profit to rest for the day in dense vegetation.

When at the bottom of the large and dense vegetation, then problems may arise, so you can use when fishing for pike paternoster, which has a submerged float.» With this method You will be able to keep live bait at any distance, so as to change the length of fishing line, which is located between gruselle and the top ring of the swivel. You also need to use a two wire leash, as if the stalk will start to float up, he’ll just get tangled up in fishing line, which is located at the top and a pike will not provide much difficulty for her to eat during the attack. If You use a short leash for bait and a long line top position, then You will be able to solve this problem!

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