Boar hunting with ambush with some varieties

Today, there are many different types of hunting for wild boars. Most successful hunting is considered early autumn, when the wild boars come at the still uncleared field. Zasidko hunting is when a hunter traps animals in areas of pastures or watering places as often arrange an ambush on the boar trails.

The main success of the hunt is well-chosen location, which should be found in advance. Hogs have an excellent sense of smell, so when choosing where you should always track the direction of the wind, as if they hear a human smell, can attack or leave.

Often places for saidok suggest villagers who live near the forest, because the herd is often visited their fields with corn or millet. Boars from the forest come out at sunset, so that the ambush is better to go in advance to have time to disguise.

To sit in zasidko need quiet and no movements that would not scare off the beast. To hear the wild boars approach can be that they produce noise and the snapping of branches, but before you go out into the open, they stop and listen to the surrounding sounds.

You only shoot for sure, because the boar is a fearsome beast, and after being wounded, he becomes even more dangerous. A wounded animal can run away and circle back and attack the offender in ambush, and to avoid penalties, the trail of the boar to keep as close as possible.

For shooting at night you can use glow-sights, or a special electric torch — octoscope. This flashlight has a ring wire which is worn on the index finger, when the finger is in contact with a trigger, is the closure of the contact and the flashlight turns on and illuminates the target.

There are cases when pigs are out on pasture, but to shoot them is not obtained, then the hunter must have patience, and at dawn to try to intercept them when returning to the forest.

As well hunt for zasidko practiced with the bait, this is when in most visited wild pigs space are placed the carcasses of dead animals, and when they begin to frequent the bait, you can do an ambush.

It should be noted that hunting on zasidko more acceptable to the rural hunters who live near forests. In order to preserve the meat and to get rid of unpleasant smell and taste, it should immediately be removed from the insides and bladder, and the carcass to fill the branches of coniferous trees or snow. The meat of wild boars especially females, are very tasty.

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