Black setter — everything you need to know to choose the dogs for hunting

This breed was formed by crossing the largest Spanish cops, and later black setters with callistini hounds. In 20-ies in Scotland spent crossing the massive black setter with a collie, for their further breeding and in yourself. In Russia black setter came in the 60-ies of the 19th century.

In the 80s, from Scotland to Russia sire imported Gordon setter, they were used to produce this black-and-tan setter.

Black-and-tan setter used for hunting on the territory of the former USSR.

Basic information of this breed: height at withers cables from 57 to 65 cm, females 3 cm lower Dog of powerful, properly folded, active muscled, and has long hair.

During search – smooth gallop medium speed.

Has a black color with a lustrous sheen, it has a rusty-red markings.

The fur is long, soft and thick. On the front of the legs and the head hair is short, tight to the body. The long tail creates a suspension of hair. When the content in the home has no undercoat. Powerfully developed the backbone and well-built muscles.

Maintains a broad skull and rounded forehead, the occiput clearly defined, noticeable give eyebrows. The transition from forehead to muzzle is very sharp. Broad muzzle to nose, almost not narrowed.

Black setter - everything you need to know to choose the dogs for hunting

Long, close fitting to the cheeks hanging ears, located just above the eye line. Has large round dark brown eyes Black-and-tan setter has a scissor bite, good, strong white teeth that are tightly adjacent to each other.

Black setter has a powerful dry neck, well-muscled. A wide sternum, ribs very cool curved. False ribs are well developed.

Highly developed withers, heavily favored on the back line. . The setter has a short waist with massive muscles.

The paws are bony, but along with this parallel and have strong muscles. Elbows tightly pressed and sent back.

The hind legs are also boned well muscled, wide apart. The femur and tibia are oblique location.

The toes are tightly compressed into a ball, a little extra fur between the toes.

Black-and-tan setter has a short tail tablearray located approximately at the level of the hock.

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