Biting and oxygen

Many factors influence the biting fish. It may be the water temperature, oxygen enrichment, purity, flow, size and depth of water, bottom topography.

Each species of fish is necessary for the normal existence of dissolved oxygen. Gills – this is what fish breathe, they are penetrated by thin veins.

The water passing through the gills, it leaves oxygen and takes away carbon dioxide. Insufficient amount of oxygen in the water leads to a sharp decline in fishing activity, and hence to reduce the bite. If oxygen in water is too little and too much carbon dioxide, there is a sea fish. But fast saturation of water with oxygen in large quantity is detrimental to fish.

Unfortunately, the absence of our fishermen of portable devices to determine the saturation of water with oxygen did not allow them such an easy way to see the town pond with fish.

The water is saturated with oxygen primarily from the air. The colder the water, the more it is saturated with oxygen. When moving masses of water by the wind enrichment is faster. The larger the pond, the more he is provided with oxygen. Sources saturation of water with O2 is fall into a body of water springs, streams, rivers, water from melting snow or rain.

In addition to the above help to enrich the water with oxygen and algae. Through photosynthesis in the morning and afternoon active vegetation consume carbon dioxide — can we say eat it, and stands them in oxygen — and much more than you need to the plant for respiration. It turns out that enrich the water. In the morning the plants through photosynthesis to actively produce oxygen – absorbing carbon dioxide. When the air heats up it slows down the process of photosynthesis, and the lunch stops. In the evening hours five the process begins anew. Thus, the fish bite best in the morning and in the evening. Most likely, this is connected with the best fishing at dawn.

Researchers into deep waters conducted a series of experiments and have derived the rule: if the reservoir one third of the area is overgrown with plants, it becomes unsuitable for fish habitat. As they say, everything is good in moderation, lots of plants leads to the problem of breeding of the young.


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