Bite and ogruzka tackle when fishing for carp in the autumn


Bite carp can be different. It largely depends on water temperature and degree of aeration, which ultimately determines feeding activity of carp. Under favorable conditions, the bite is often very strong. A couple of times jumped, the float goes to the side and disappears under water or protoplanets smoothly but vigorously. At a moderate activity of carp antenna float can wobble, periodically pretplata, Recalling the biting of a crucian carp and tench. When weak Kleve (usually in the fall) are rude, wrong okrujenie floats sometimes do not indicate the bite. How many times have I observed such picture: you sit on the shore, the fishermen, and then followed by the sweeps, the nozzle is clearly wrinkled, and no fish! What’s the matter? The reasons for the failures of a few:

  • too heavy «shepherd boy,» the carp picks up the nozzle, but, feeling resistance, and dumps her;
  • rough leashes;
  • excessively large hooks and, respectively, of the nozzle;
  • poorly disguised sting and handguard — fish nakalyaetsya and goes;
  • the underwater part of the antenna of the float is 5-10 cm, and need 1-3, see the result, 90% of bites remain unfulfilled.

But when adjusted gear in the fall in cold water carp takes very carefully. For example, the antenna may be imbedded literally on 1-2 mm. And everything! What’s going on? The fish took the nozzle and stands with her on the spot, not daring to swallow completely. This is especially true for roach, bream and white bream.

Of course, the subtle bite track well in calm weather. And how can that be with the wind? There is only one method.

When suspicious behavior float immediately cut! «Shepherd boy», and it is usually the small sliding cargo»olive», will certainly drag on the bottom, but the bite is still visible. The float in this case slows down or dives. Surface part bright, well visible antenna should be 2-3 cm, but not more.

In the fall when fishing for carp from a boat on the deep areas I usually use this rig: short side rod (100-130 cm) with a capacity rings; «Neva» coil; a nod of the head; the main forest — 0,15-0,25 mm (depending on the value of fish catches); sliding cargo-«olive» 3-5 m; the leash of monofilament and 0.12-0.2 mm; hooks from No. 5 to No. 10. With the correct ogruzka nod needs to bend at an angle of 30-45°.

The place of fishing lure 2-3 days. If there is good weather and no bites, we have to find another piece of the reservoir. You need to remember to keep quiet, and this applies to any time of the year. Try as much as possible to walk the boat to knock it. For this purpose it is desirable to glue aboard a strip of cloth or foam, then the rod will fall almost silently. Caught a carp immediately stunned or pinned, otherwise it raises such a noise that will scare away the remaining fish. And one more thing: after removing fish from the hook hands are the chemical substances secreted by carp under stress. If you don’t wash my hands, they will inevitably move to the nozzle. Not biting you provided. Therefore, always observe the following procedure: removed the fish from the hook wash your hands and then put on the nozzle. For the same reason, never leave scraps of old nozzles. These rules are universal and apply to almost all the carp — crucian carp, roach, bream etc.

When fishing from the shore or from a boat you will need a large landing net with a deep bunt. But carp do not start until then, until it is absolutely still. Often, when a landing net is not completely depleted the fish makes a desperate jerks that rips fine tackle or own lips. But here it is in the landing net! Now you make some rotational movements, thereby spinning a bunt, and put the carp into the boat. The same operations are doing and when fishing from shore, but try not to raise the landing net over the water, and pull it dragged.


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