Bezoar goat its habits and habitat,what you need to know hunter

The bezoar goat is a well-known ancestor of all known domestic goat. Although until recently this type of, and homemade goat attributed to different subspecies. But it is now known that domestic goats have been derived from this breed of goats, domesticated since 6000 B. E.

First, bezoar goat, lived in Western Asia. Favorite habitat of this animal is a mountainous region, but small populations are also found in desert, steppe and wooded areas. It is from Asian regions, this species has spread around the world, including in Europe.

At present, bezoar goat refers to endangered species of animals. The international Union for conservation of nature assigned the status of vulnerable. The main reason for the decrease in the population of bezoar goat is hunting and displacement of the modern subspecies of animals.

Zoologists distinguish several subspecies of bezoar goat. It is known worldwide, domestic goat (Capra aegagrus hircus),. the Caucasian bearded goat (C. a. aegagrus), chilenska goat (C. a. chialtanensis), the Cretan mountain goat (C. a. cretica), Capra aegagrus Capra aegagrus jourensis and picta. Although the allocation of the last two subspecies that live in Greece, pretty doubtful.

The bezoar goat is quite large mammals. Adults can reach a weight of 95 pounds, lengths up to 1.5 meters and height 1 meter. Strong stocky body, strong legs with broad hooves are perfectly help the animal to move in the mountains. A distinctive feature of this type of goats is long, black, stripe along the back. Females and males differ in color goats. All females have yellowish-brown color, the males change color from red (in the summer), to silvery-white (in the winter).

Bezoar goats usually live in small herds, up to a maximum of 25 individuals. As a rule, the males approach the females only during mating, the rest of the time they prefer to graze «male» groups of 4-5 animals.

Females grazed in the main herd together with the younger generation. Young goats at birth reach 2 pounds as they grow older they graze in the herd with his mother. They eat animals, usually at dusk, at dawn or sunset. The rest of the time animals are quite passive and enjoy the rest. Also minimal activity of goats during the heat.

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