Best lures for walleye fishing on spinning in the summer

To enjoy fishing for walleye in the summer months, you should travel on the big river and with good downstream. In summer, the daytime this fish is mostly kept at a depth of 10 m, and shy away from smaller sites. The predator enters the shallows only at night and only on days when the weather is hot.

Summer pike fed and cautious, therefore, tackle for fishing should be more delicate (thin), and the lures of smaller size than for spring fishing. In this fish is the hard bony mouth that the hook punch is not always (even with a very powerful kick). To avoid stairs, it is necessary to use only high quality hooks strong and sharp sting.

Best summer baits for fishing lures walleye are recognized as the silicone in combination with a jig-head or offset hook (special hook with a step for fixing the bait). The championship on number of bites is owned edible salty rubber, which attracts this predator. He attacks it again and again and for no particular reason never let go.

Silicone lure quite actively behave in water, but this is not their only advantage. Another plus is the variety of colors that allows you to choose experimentally the most efficient. Well established Mentovskie twisters (Manns twister), especially the green with sparkling elements and mother of pearl. Someone will say that they are too big for lazy summer perch, but predator sometimes even enough 12-inch twisters.

No less popular are and a small foam fish. Their effectiveness is due to the fact that the current is stronger, they can play even without holding. Rapid water causes the fish to move actively, to provoke perch to bite.

Game fish foam can be made even more interesting if you could equip them flattened laterally with a lever in the form of lentils. At the bottom it rests squarely and then falls back down, dragging the bait. However, she does around sinkers turnover (a kind of somersault), which often follows a lightning strike.

In some cases, good results show spinnerbait. Still no one knows what attracts perch their unusual distinctive design. Perhaps this is due to its active tandem – rolling petals and mounted on the hook for soft bait. By the way, in a very weak bite experienced anglers try and put instead of it the already mentioned foam rubber fish.

The desired result is often given vibrohvosta Long John and is similar in form artificial worms. If you set this bait on an offset hook, get a good nezatseplyayki. The highest efficiency they show in catching the so-called alloy: bait given in the power flow and then pauses back.

For night walleye fishing lures in addition to these, you can use urasaki, spoons or minnow lures work well in shallow water and in the upper layers of water. At night, however, success depends not so much on lures, but from the place of fishing. Look for walleye at this time of the day should be on small sites (braids) where it comes out of deep pits. Importantly, these same pits (deep dips) was there. The predator manifests itself when he starts to chase fry. This is a great reason to offer him an artificial imitation of the favorite food.

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