Best braided line for fishing on spinning

Many beginners spinning fishing sometimes very difficult to choose and buy a wattled cord, because now there are plenty of manufacturers that provide a variety of product. What to choose? To give preference to expensive, or price is not the main criterion for the quality of the product?

Now we look at the most popular cords that is used by fishermen:

1. TUF Line.

2. Fire Line .

3. PowerPro.

4. PE Supe.

5. Spiderwire.

Now let’s take a closer look at each of them:

1. Braid TUF Line is made of a very durable material called Spectra Fiber. The cord the so-called round weaving, the manufacture of which applies a special technology of thermochemical castle. That is why it is very long and it does not lose its original properties. Country of origin – USA.


Another American brand Berkley manufactures a quality product – braided cord Fire Line. He made of fiber called Microdynema, which today is the most durable material. The product itself has a coating that gives it rigidity and durability – it is very resistant to friction, water does not absorb in itself and, accordingly, various abrasive particles that are contained in them. Therefore, the cord still does not spoil the ring on the rod. A very good option.

3. The most popular cord, which is used by most of the fans spinning fishing PowerPro.

This product appeared on the shelves of the fishing stores for a long time, and has proved itself from the best side: has a very high sensitivity and can withstand fairly heavy loads. But there is a downside – in our country often there are fakes of this brand (manufacturer country USA), and purchased a fake (Chinese) in active use will not serve more than 3 weeks.

4. Japanese Supe PE wicker is very durable and practically does not stretch. All thanks to the fact that it is made from very thin threads of polyethylene, which are intertwined. Despite this, the spool can be wound cord which has the smallest diameter, and it contributes to casting distance, and increased sensitivity in the conduct of bait.


Spiderwire – braided lines are very smooth, durable and for long time can maintain its structure. All this is due to the fact that the product, by a very large pressure, leaking polyethylene and Teflon.

Which of the above cords to buy – the decision of the fishermen. All granted options have proven its superiority over other similar products. But still need to be careful not to buy cheap Chinese goods.

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