Beretta Ultralight shotgun its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Is Beretta Ultralight shotgun, which has twelve calibers and great features, less weight than the standard twenty caliber rifle. It’s a real dream of every hunter running hunting. Weighing about 2,700 kg (5.95 pounds), the Beretta Ultralight shotgun has taken a leading position among the guns vertical type.

The Ultralight model has been developed to highlight the state of reliability and security, relying on exclusive designs Beretta in the use of lightweight alloys in the production of weapons.

This model is a classic shotgun of the type complements the engraving, executed in accordance with the new style.

With new motifs, specially designed to highlight the low weight of the rifle on the frame of the shutter made the outline of the image of animals.

This concept did when inflicted notches, which gave the gun the uniqueness of contemporary design.

The shutter on the model of the Ultralight machined from monoblock alloy is not heavy, but also quite a reliable metals, which are used in the structure of the aircraft. The special heat treatment given the metal more strength and hardness, but sixty-five percent of making it easier.

Sleeve titanium for breech gave a guarantee of reliability and durability for a long period of time. Plates of titanium in the body of the lock is protection for educators. The chamber has adapted to each cartridge with the twelfth caliber.

The special coating of Nickel was applied to the surface of the shutter.

Hook descent covered with gold.

The surface of the trunks inside subject to alignment, polishing and chrome plating for protection against corrosion and wear when using fractions of steel.

The installation system with chocomimi nozzles Beretta Mobilchoke® gives a guarantee of perfect fixation points to the muzzle on the barrel.

Model guns from the Ultralight have a schnabel forend and curved butt pad made of rubber.

In addition to the new engraving, this model is classical type became available with the butt and forend wood X-Tra special polished to give a sophisticated rich look.

The example has a length of 368 mm. the comb of the stock is 35 millimeters. the heel of the butt is 55 millimeters.

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