Benelli: weapons for hunting and self-defense

Benelli M3 Super 90 Variochoke refers to the type of smooth-bore self-loading rifles, twelve-gauge. Tubular underbarrel store is armed with seven rounds of the sleeve 76 mm, overall length 1010 mm gun, the barrel is 660 mm, weight – 3.4 kg.

The manufacturer of this weapon, the Italian company BENELLI SpA in its development applied the new technological solutions that have greatly increased its demand in the markets of not only the European continent but also around the world. The majority of this gun is used in self-defense.

The best option for access to hunting grounds is the model of the Benelli M3 Super 90 Variochoke with the barrel of an elongated type, due to the special attachments of manufacture. Charge rifle can be performed in two ways: with the use of the energy properties of recoil mode poloautomaticke and manual movement of the forearm in the longitudinal direction.

Single fire mode you can change the other without much difficulty, using a special switch that is always in the shooter’s hand on the foregrip of the gun. In any mode of recharge, the cartridge of bad quality can be replaced in the chamber in the usual wanking through located on the handle.

In automatic mode the gun works as follows. When fired, during the recoil compresses a very strong spring, which is located to the massive skeleton of movable type and the shutter.

Then there is the creep of the core that decompresses the spring, which is accompanied by the opening of the channel of the barrel and the ejection of empty shells. Completed the whole process by sending into the chamber the next cartridge, and wherein, the reverse frame receiver closes the channel.

Work in automatic mode is only good if sufficient impeding the process of return. That is, firing the «hand» mode self-charging almost impossible. It is also necessary to consider one important detail – that would be automatic guns worked properly it is necessary to use cartridges of high quality, curb only in the factory.

Appearance of the Benelli M3 Super 90 Variochoke made in dark color tone with the burnishing all surfaces of parts made of metal. For the manufacture of boxes and butt with the handle of the gun was used a material of synthetic origin high strength.

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