Benelli Comfort – its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Benelli Comfort – its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Benelli Comfort shotgun 12 gauge, unique in its kind, is self-loading. The characteristic of bestowal, and the spot between shots are more optimized among similar guns of this caliber. The company «Benelli» improvements in technology and applying the Comfortech System (which was subsequently patented), has created a unique shotgun Benelli Comfort. Due to the changes of the gun has got a unique advantage among small arms and hunting rifles.

The weight of the shotgun Benelli Comfort about 3 kg, the length of the barrel in the area of 660-710 mm. This gun has a single trigger.

The patent system from the company Benelli was out of competition the best rule is the lightest weight weapon that has the least impact. The use of the absolute material, even distribution of weight, improved hardware, improved design of the crest, and the slap is the fruit of the system Comfortech System.

As a result of long and hard work, and thanks to numerous researches, the company has managed to achieve success in this field. In the end, thanks to the use of technopolymer material in which the hole-like cutout models of the boomerang, got the smallest return for high performance. Cut the «Air Touch» has improved the control of weapons, as well as improved ergonomics. This was caused a nick on the handle of the butt and forend. It gave comfort and quality in the use of guns. Handling of the «Comfort Touch» gives a unique feeling when in contact with skin. The example of the helium panels waste a single entity that has a special shape that allows it to reduce impact on the arrow body at the moment of impact.

Benelli Comfort – its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

The top emphasis on place cheeks consistently accurate, and the recoil pad perfect for left and right handers, as it’s easy to change. It’s possible to do even without special tools, can also change the recoil pad is of a wider diameter.

Strong vibration and high-pitched sound of a gunshot is detrimental to the hearing of the shooter. To avoid disastrous consequences, it is necessary to use special headphones. And will help to reduce the vibration of rubber stelnicki or «suspension cushions», for example, «Recoil shield».

Gun, advanced system Comfortech System from the company Benelli, very convenient to use, it noticeably reduces the fatigue of the shooter. This increases the performance of single and serial long shots. When compared to other competitive rifles, this gun dominates, due to lower the indicators of return and vzdelavanie of the trunk.

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