Behaviors pike

Pike is a worthy opponent for every angler. This fish is fast, strong and very arrogant. This is evidenced by its structure of this type is very elongated and sharp mouth, the body is torpedo prominent, very strong and muscular, very broad caudal fin. Due to this, fish can make just shiny jumping out of the water, instantly grab prey and not to miss. On the hook the fish resisted desperately, trying to run away and hide (falls to the bottom, goes to the rocks and bushes, jumping, shaking head). To overcome a five-pound pike are sometimes very difficult for even an experienced angler, not to mention the fans that 2 times a year go fishing. But how much emotion you can experience how much adrenaline will give you this fight with a predator. That is why, without exception, want to catch even a small pickerel.

The pike is considered an omnivorous fish. She eats everything – fry, frogs, leeches, crayfish, worms, etc. during periods of fasting, even doing that eats their family (cannibalism). Larger species (3-4 kg and above) can attack young ducklings and rats. And some very hungry predators even eat snails, stuffing their stomach so that to swim, the fish becomes very difficult. It’s not uncommon for this type of attack on production, the amount of which equals or exceeds the size of the «Russian Queen of the waters». Swallow it she can’t, and take a bite too. Why is floating so for a few days, waiting for the body of the victim is fermented in the stomach. Sometimes even the pike can die. It’s not just greed, but in the construction of the mouth of this species. The teeth are arranged so that the only way from the mouth to the stomach. Even if fish and would like to spit out from the mouth food – it would not have happened. But such cases are very rare, and often the victims are not yet experienced «pencil». But large pike, who learned by bitter experience all the delights of «heavy stomach», I prefer smaller fish, so the statement «the bigger the bait, the bigger the catch» is not always justified. Another feature of a predator – her teeth change. And although many anglers err on this property, they say – not a bite, went to the dentist, but this does not affect the activity, plus they change gradually and not in a certain period. And even if the predator would fall out all the teeth she could eat small fish.

Pike does not like fast currents, and therefore rests on a quiet and peaceful place. In the spring she can move over over the doorsteps of the white fish and the predator, so to speak, selects a territory in which he will hunt down and conquer the whole summer, to the parishes of the winter cold. But where the pike did not found the asylum, she always attacks with the shelter, and in some cases may chase prey. If a predator missed – she will always return to the place of «ambush», which will still stand in search of food. So if the spinner pike was off the hook – we should wait for some time and again to sh sector.

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