Beginners about winter fishing

on winter fishing

Fishing in winter is very fascinating, extreme, and accordingly requires careful preparation. To fishing pleasure, need to know the following:

Safety rules on the ice.

Ice is especially dangerous in early winter, at this time he is still too thin poses a danger in areas with high currents, and near the thicket. When out on the ice stick to the rules:

  • Detection of thin ice with a stick, by tapping in front of him. It is not recommended to check the ice on the strength of the leg. This leads to breaking through the ice.
  • Movement on ice in the daytime at a distance from each other 4 to 5 meters, returning by the same route. Your own transport to the departure on ice is strictly prohibited
  • Drilling holes into dark and watery ice is dangerous. Not allowed to drill holes less than two meters from each other.
  • Unacceptable use of alcohol
  • Communications with the outside world.

Gear and equipment.

Choosing the right clothes and shoes is a guarantee of good mood and comfort during winter fishing.

  • The bottom layer is thermal underwear made of natural fabrics; then a warm sweater, wool socks, etc.; jacket and pants of waterproof fabric, loose fit.
  • Shoes – warm, lightweight, waterproof. The frost boots are recommended.

The main equipment of the fisherman – wintering is an ice drill or ice screws. The size of the knives of ice screws depends on what kind of fish goes fishing. On the small fish used the drill 11cm, large, 15 cm storage Box, which is a thermos, a chair, a tackle, a scoop for shoveling ice in the hole. Tent, the choice of which should be approached responsibly. The main function of winter tents – providing warmth and protection from the wind. The best choice would be a tent made of natural fabrics light shades. Special attention should be paid to fixing the tent on the ice with stretch marks. Attachment can be placed both fabric and frame. In the tent, taken into account the space for the heater and the ability to rise up to full height.

Tackle and fishing methods for ice fishing.

Ideal for winter fishing – rod with a jig and a nod. This set is best suited to search for schools of fish. Still experience shows that in the winter season is more suitable for float tackle. It is less scares schools of fish than a stationary jig.

Ways of fishing.

Conventionally, they are divided on catching of predatory fish and catching of white fish. Predators caught with spinners, balancers, Gerlich. White caught a jig with a nozzle, and a baitless float tackle.

Bait for winter fishing.

Winter fishing is different from fishing in other times of the year. Accordingly, the different and the bait. More precisely bezmetallny fishing (without bait), that is, the jig is the bait. However, the newcomer to master the technique of fishing on mormyshka is difficult, so most anglers use the bait. Bloodworm — the most popular bait among fishermen. It is possible to catch any fish. Ideal bait, even during poor fishing, use larva burdock moth. She even caught a predator. But there is one problem, bloodworms can be purchased in the store, and face need to get. Does burdock (fruit), effortlessly. Inside there is a solid body. This is the larva burdock moth.

So, observing all the requirements listed above beginners can rely on a great catch and a great mood.

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