Bear hunting on the lair how to find lair and right to hunt

Bear is a very dangerous animal. Meeting him does not bring anything good. But the bravest dare to hunt bear. One of the exciting and dangerous hunting is considered hunting for the den. Spend her winter in advance to find the lair of the beast. This is not so simple. The population of bears is falling, and to find the lair of the difficult task. If you do decide to bring a bold and powerful hunters. The bear is very strong and fierce beast, when you hunt it takes a lot of effort . But the feeling will be unforgettable!

How to find the den of a bear?

Despite the fact that the bear is big and strong, he feels the fear of man. For den, the beast chooses inaccessible places. Masks their branches, covering his tracks.

Dens are ground, progruntovat and HPLC.

More often progruntovat. Usually they are located under the roots of a twisted tree. The lair is hard to find under a layer of snow.

Preferred den — soil. Builds his bear for almost a week and it seems to be human in the dugout. Entrance bear closes branches. In this dump the mouse is comfortable even in the dead of winter. Well-camouflaged lair and find his hunter very difficult.

Horse den the most simple in construction. The beast just lays a blanket falls on it and covered with branches.

Before you go into the den, the bear confuses their tracks. It bounces, it leaves a mark where they are difficult to detect, is on their same tracks backwards.

Bear hunting in the den

Hunting going and a few people with the dogs. Better suited the huskies, who were patraulea on the bear.

Hunting is done in the following way. One person stands at the exit of the den, the other breaks off branches that might interfere with the hunt, and stands in the forehead. The forehead is a small air hole at the head of a bear. Then getting the dogs to bark at the den, and woke the bear. It is important to force the bear to leave the den. The bear is a cunning beast, and often has spare lair in which to hide.

Once the huskies make it clear that the bear goes, the hunters are preparing to shoot. Vulnerable places — the head and the chest. To be tagged need to be there.

Bear hunting on the lair of a very dangerous occupation. Bear hides all the better, applies a trick. And yet many people at risk, in order to receive unforgettable impressions, and what you want!

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