Bass where to catch winter

Perch fishing is very interesting and exciting process. In addition, the perch is one of the most popular fish, are being caught in winter. This is due to the wide distribution of this fish in almost all water bodies. Thus unlike other species, its activity does not fall as much as in others. Behind him indicated the same rapid we can say greedy throwing the bait.

The choice of the place of fishing.

Bass prefer deep space. Feeding picks the coastal zone where there is a lot of vegetation. It depends on what there’s always something good in the form of small fish. So to search it is necessary to choose places with a depth of two meters. But do not relax, because the perch fishing is primarily active search, which you need to drill a few dozen holes. At the same time, finding a Parking spot fish and allowig it, you should move on.

Note that the middle of winter perch moves into the deep and look for it should be there. Until the end of the winter period, he returned back to shallow water.

The most abundant fishing can be achieved during the thaw.

The main places where the bass are in winter.

Shallow water, shallow water but not all, and where there are holes and gullies. Perch will not stand in the pit, and her «shore». For example, if there is a pit depth of 5 meters, and its «coast» starts at two meters is where he will stand.

It is not necessary to choose the middle of the river, even if it seems there is so many fishermen. It is necessary to choose the coastal zone, with a range from two to ten meters.

Places with go to the beach trunks of fallen trees, reeds are the most successful in terms of fishing.

If you have the knowledge of the reservoir, it is necessary to choose places with under water objects. It can be burnt designs, stones and stuff that happens in abundance in the ponds.

If other places are not as fails to catch perch or minor bite, you should go for a custom in such cases, the step. To go into shallow water with it to such where the depth is less than 50 centimeters. Often perch out in search of Malcolm to such a shallow depth, where for a long time and still is.

Guided by these simple tips on choosing the location of the perch in winter, you can get a really good catch of fish. What instances will be, will be able to please every fisherman.

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