Basins – the Central Asian Greyhound everything you need to know to choose the dogs for hunting

Tazy Sighthound native to Central Asia. This breed of dog has incredible endurance and agility. With a special passion tazy hunting jackals, antelopes, hares, and wolves and boar.

Mainly, hunting is done in the desert. The roots of the pots go back centuries, even in ancient times, the breed was widespread in the Central Asian and Kazakhstan territories. It is worth noting that the basins during its existence the form has not changed.

Growth the pots can be attributed to the middle – their height reaches 60-70 cm. the Constitution of the dog can be quite durable. The musculature is very well developed, it is possible to trace the relief, especially in the hips.

The nature of the pots is very quiet, but only until such time as they discover the beast. During the hunting behavior of the basins peculiar, different from the classical behaviour of the greyhounds. In the thick bushes and thickets they like cops or the hounds find prey by scent.

In free and open places of the pots start to run like greyhounds. Very valuable and at the same time interesting hunting pots in tandem with the eagle. In this hunting process, the hound puts the beast in the open field, and the bird completes the action.

On the hunt these dogs tend to find prey instinct, and, as «lower», i.e., on the trail, and «top» — by the smell. Also the pots can find your target using vision, but they required mounds.

It should be noted that the pursuit of prey starts without any commands, on their own. After the beast manages to catch up and beat the dog near him and waits for the host. In the case when the pots work in harmonious tandem with each other, one dog is guarding, and the other returned to the owner and leads him to the place where the caught beast.

When hunting is done on wolves, it is fraught with difficulties, so the hunters take a minimum of two of the most aggressive and powerful of the pots. Hunters should not let the dogs out to the wolves, in case of special danger, are unable to hurt dogs.

But the scenario hunting is usually like this: the bravest of the pelvis catches the beast tired of its lively receptions, and the second, arrived to this point, takes the wolf by the neck. To create the pots comfortable environment, they should be kept in special hunting farms, which usually have everything you need to train dogs. Moreover, in such conditions, it’s easy to organize training and demonstration of hunting.

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