Basic sharpening knives — selecting the correct bar

Which would not have been made the knife, over time the wear of the tip of his blade. For this reason, there arises a need for sharpening, which can be done by several methods. Knife sharpening is done on machines with electrical and mechanical drives, and manually – sharpening bars.Sharpening sharpening bars is one of the most simple and common forms of work, and with their help the blade very accurately brought to the desired degree of sharpness. It is necessary to consider some features of application of the grinding bars.

The first rule deals more with beginners in sharpening, and suggests that it is much easier to work the bar if its length is same or a little more than a sharpened blade. Second, bruski for sharpening, have different grain size and to achieve high quality in the course of work should start with coarse stones and gradually finish the rocks with a fine grain. Third, the sharpening process requires the use of lubricants. For this approach, as simple as the water and oil special manufacture. To every day to edit of the blade need to have a honing steel, which is a file with parallel edges on the canvas. It is advisable to edit this file to carry out not only daily, but after the contact edge of the blade with a solid objects of nature.

The ceramic bars. This type of whetstones for sharpening knives is a product of some opposites. With their positive virtues, which are expressed in good processing quality and long service life, they are not stable according to some other parameters. The progress bars of ceramics is a very long process that requires a lot of physical effort, and shopping online to purchase them is a difficulty. Over time, the bars appear uneven, and to maintain in proper operating condition, periodically clean them in cold water one on one.

Very quickly and qualitatively enough made knife sharpening when using Japanese water stones. This type of bars, a thing very expensive and very cranky, when you use when performing work on sharpening constantly need to have lubrication, before operating them should be soaked and after it dried thoroughly the bars. Storage of medium and large stones of the grit in the water, which with constant regularity is disinfected. The structure of the water stones are very soft and for that reason is their rapid wear. To increase the lifetime of expensive items to the max, you might want to run a gluing to a piece of wooden block.

Bars diamond type are produced not only as separate grinding unit, but also included equipment for tool sharpening. For this reason, in the trading network can buy diamond stones in different sizes and shapes. In most cases, diamond stones are added all kinds of fasteners. Bars diamond type is a product with a long lifetime, but require extensive lapping. They are especially suitable for performing works for sharpening beginners, as distinguished by its simplicity in application. When working it is advisable to use lubricant, which can be the soap solution a small concentration of or plain water. The working surface of the diamond whetstone is not prone to abrasion and does not need to edit.

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