Basic information about the meat of birds and wild animals

Basic information about the meat of birds and wild animals

Wild game meat compared to meat of domestic animals will benefit in its usefulness for the human body in a number of qualities such as a greater amount of proteins, vitamins, salts of mineral origin, enzymes and trace elements.

All tissues that comprise the anatomically meat are in different ratios, depends on its nutritional value. Also on the tissue affected by the sex of the animal, age, type, feed consumed by the individual, body structure and various other factors.

Gender greatly affects the quality of the meat, as wild animals, and in agriculture. It’s the best meat of young females between the end of molt or after the feeding of the offspring, the birds – during the end of the growing Chicks.

The meat of a Mature male animals in mating periods may differ from the meat of females unpleasant odor (badgers, wild boars, elks). So the males boars smell is in the gonads and at the bottom of a boar, together with deflation of the blood necessary to remove the penis, the skin around it and the scrotum.

Meat Mature males of the wild animals of the ungulate type from the point of view of cooking meat is less valued than females, even if the conditions of breeding, feeding, and also the fatness, the age was equal. Both agricultural and wild animals meat gets the high quality in the end of growth of the organism, and then another in the next 3 to 5 years it is acceptable based on the requirements of cooking.

Since 8 years, the meat acquires a hardness, and is used for food or cooked, or enough protestnymi. The meat of males compared to females meat becomes previously hard.

The meat becomes very tough old wild boar and elk, it is soaked pieces up to 2 kg in the whey, processed hammers or vinegar fortress 2 % — 3 %. Products of feeding and quality and body mass wildlife has an impact not only on quality but also on the total amount of meat.

Great absorption of your favorite feeds first of all develops the muscles of the animal. Fat is stored mainly directly under the skin, the internal organs of get fat, at least-in the space between the muscles is very rare in muscles. The most favorable time for this process is the canopy. Meat gets a great flavor and juiciness. During this period males meat quality is not inferior to the meat of the females.

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