Barley for carp

Barley is a great bait, not only for white fish. Carp was attracted to it not worse than roach or bream. Someone will say that in the summer the crucian is best takes on the worm, and with this contention we can not agree. But on many waters this bait faster find small carp-cuttings, and large specimens can’t keep up. In these moments, and helps barley.

For any fishing, including fishing for carp, only with fresh barley porridge. Harvest of its future use is not necessary, because it is not stored. Sometimes the fish is taking sour product, but this happens very rarely. If on a hot day, barley is still deteriorated, and there is no way to cook fresh, then you can try to revive, rinse in water and slightly dry in the sun. Restored thus barley is suitable for the nozzle on the hook, but add it to the bait is undesirable. There is a risk that it frightens the fish, and you’ll have to find a new place.

Cooking barley for catching carp

How to cook barley to sit on the hook and lure were suitable? There are two most common methods: conventional boiling on the fire, and steaming in a thermos.

Cook in a pot is better in cases where the exit to the pond was a little time left. So grits is cooked much faster. The ratio of cereals and water 1:4. Approximate cooking time is 40 minutes. The contents of the pan need to stir constantly toward the end of cooking, you can add flavoring (vanilla, anise, or any other). To barley was not digested, it must be time to remove it from the fire. When the porridge is ready, it is necessary to drain liquid through a colander. The part that is intended for the nozzle on the hook, not for feeding, first dried on a towel, and only then put into the jar.

Another thing – steamed barley. It is large, and digest it in a thermos almost impossible. Steamed is necessary before fishing. It is best to use old half-liter thermos, if such exists in the economy. It is necessary to fill a handful of dry cereals (3 tablespoons with top), sprinkle a few drops of flavoring, pour boiling water to the top and leave to rot. Readiness can be checked after an hour. Good barley — not too hard, but not perepravnaya, or on the hook it will not stick.

Useful tips

• There are different pearl barley, and large and smaller. It is better to take big, which can be spread by halves. At languid biting it often helps.

• Fishing barley is well kept, if you mix it with the breadcrumbs. Besides small grains, separated from the heads, help a phlegmatic fish decide to bite.

• If steamed pearl barley with sunflower meal, porridge will a little darker, but it may be more effective.

• For feeder fishing and any other where the expected long-range casting, barley should be slightly undercooked, and with a float rod it is recommended to cook to a softer state.

• If you put on a hook and a half of barley (whole and half), the chances to catch a big carp will increase significantly.

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