Baits-attractants for carp in the autumn

When fishing at a depth of over 4 m I use small and heavy (tungsten) spinners (red, black or green in color). It should be remembered that the sense of smell in carp is exceptional. So you need to perform an additional operation. First of all you need to cook the flour glue. To make it easy. Take 1 tbsp. spoon of flour and pour her a glass of cold water, it immediately adds some attractant (vanilla, 3-4 drops of garlic juice, liquid flavors, and the like).

Stir it carefully. As soon as the water boils, remove the dishes from heat. Now we have to wait for the glue to cool. Final action: on a clean, dry jig paint brush thin layer of glue. The result is a volatile aromatic coating is rapidly destroyed in water, but some time attracts carp smell.

Did I and others. Took colorless oil varnish and added to it the flavors — vanilla, juice, garlic, apricot essence, that is, do the flavoring. And then covered this part of the pre-low-fat jig. The result was a more persistent coating with the smell of fragrance.

There is another way. Take the epoxy glue and mix it with the hardener. Add a little oil paint (black, red, green), which is used by artists, and then flavors. Stirred to obtain a uniformly colored composition. When the glue begins to solidify, use it to build a jig. Now it remains to introduce into the body of the hook of the jig, and then a thin needle to make a hole for the fishing line Through the day, when the glue is finally cured, «aromatic» the jig is ready.

It should be noted that in the manufacture of such lures flavorings added more than usual. For example, for the manufacture of 10 jigs I spend 0,25 teaspoons of vanilla. The flavorings in the form of a liquid-resistant, for example, «arakova aroma», which is used in confectionery.

In the manufacture of spinners on the basis of epoxy resin such attractant, you can add 4-5 drops.

«Aromatic» spinners can be used for luring not only carp, but bream, roach, Dace and other fish.

When fishing for carp, the nature of the game, the jig is very important. Well, for example, flowing movements to tap the jig on the bottom or make a light circular motion. It is difficult to give any advice, as the nature of the game largely depends on the characteristics of the reservoir and the degree of activity of carp. In General, learning how to work the jig, like trying in the book to describe how to ride a bike. Such things are learned only in practice.

When fishing light lures tackle looks as follows (see figure). Replanting of hooks of jigs can be 2-3 bloodworms, 1-2 small maggots, small piece of worm, larvae burdock moth. In case of any suspicious movement of nod do kick in immediately.

Bait is lowered into the pouch of gauze or a rare fabric. After the fishing it is easy to get through the tee.

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