Bait tips for carp fishing in winter

The use of baits depends on the prospects of the reservoir and the activity of carp. Under adverse conditions when the carp are not feeding, the use of bait and baits brings only harm. No power will force the fish to feed in extreme cold or lack of oxygen.

When the carp are active (in the winter it is the concept of conditionally), bait and bait play a significant role.

In the «wild» waters where carp bait is relatively weak, the bait consists exclusively of living organisms, mainly bloodworms. A weaker effect is given to the maggot and the worm. The reason is simple — the carp extends to a natural diet.

In those waters where catch much and with little natural forage, tastes carp noticeable change. Here at the bait, you can add a mess, but with the mandatory inclusion of live bloodworms, maggots, worms, dry food for fish. Because biting carp in winter, weak and short-lived, and the bait should be a little, especially under adverse weather conditions. For example, a pinch of bloodworms, zakatnogo into balls of clay (otherwise it instantly eats away a trifle), or 1-2 ball combination of bait the size of a plum.

Of course, the ideal would be to use bloodworms. But how to fasten it on the big carp hooks? To some extent, the fish can be «fooled». Often I do the following: in the fingers rubbing 2-3 bloodworms and lubricate them a hook, and then put 2-3 small maggots, homemade boilies rolled in the same crushed bloodworms or maggots. When using vegetable nozzles, cereals, grains, canned vegetables be sure to adhere to the following rules: the smaller the nozzle the better — after all, the appetite of carp in the winter is very weak.

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