Bait for winter fishing

Fans of winter fishing is perpetually haunted by the question: «What feed, and what kind of bait for winter fishing is the most effective?». No bait is still pervalent you can catch a fish, but frosts dictates a particular «technology». It is necessary not only to look for a place with the greatest concentration of fish, but also try to have the best fish lure with bait should be of good quality and quantity balanced.

In winter it is permissible to use coarse bait, like various cereals and cereal grains. You can imagine what the reaction of the fish down in the clear water at the bottom of the reservoir, a huge lump or handful of grain. Unusual color, such a parcels in addition to confidence cannot cause fish and other reaction just innocent little things can show her some interest. In winter, only the usual shredded fish quiet tones bait can lead to a good result and fishing will succeed.

Bait for winter fishing in no case must not contain any sharp and strong smell of attractants and flavors, as in cold water they localizes in one place does not leave a good loop, and can only scare away the fish, it is better not to refuse such ingredients. Should not rely heavily on various liquid flavors, predlagaemye enterprising manufacturers who claim that a few drops of this wonderful concentrate is able to attract whole schools of fish. Such liquid «bait», as a rule, contain water-soluble oils, therefore, all use of them is the provision of a particular fragrance surface water. In the cold the oil will cure and all the gear and your fingers will bleed this annoying smell, the weathering of which lasts long enough.

And yet, what is the bait for winter fishing is suitable? As mentioned above, available in the market, you should choose bait that has the least smell. Often you can read on the packaging that the bait is balanced, for example, for catching roach in winter and has a rich persistent smell. But from such a mixture should be discarded immediately, as the underwater inhabitants do not know how to read instructions out of bait and they do not care what kind of fish is it to react positively, and some just sail away. So in the absence of a reservoir of podlesi or pike, you can rely on what is good bait for bream, will attract roach and Ghost, the pike, of course not.

If the factory bait for winter fishing, for whatever reason are not satisfied, or fisherman, is considering the preparation of fishing as a ritual and firmly closed the door so that God forbid no one to bother you, casts a spell over his brainchild, he’ll use fine ingredients. The course will be put sunflower seeds, breadcrumbs, and more (a real fisherman has their secrets not issue), in General, imagination is the limit. Here are just chopped the zest of citrus fruit, as advised by some «experts» to add is not necessary. The use of this ingredient is similar to the use of liquid attractants. So, the choice of bait is a personal matter of the fisherman, the main thing then properly dispose of it.

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