Bait for the spring fishing

In the spring, when it starts spawning in many places, fishing is prohibited, is allowed only spring fishing with a float rod. Each fisherman decides what type of bait to use for fishing this spring.

On the use of bait fishing in the spring there are different opinions. Many anglers believe that in the spring the course of the fish does not take the bait, their use results in minimal results and may even be bad for the bites.

But other fishermen say that the bait in the spring is not necessary to use only the pre-spawning period in the areas of small rivers. In these cases, the fish is rapidly moving to the spawning and prefers not to be detained anywhere.

The right choice of bait for the spring fishing should be done taking into account the fact that the behavior of the fish in the cool spring water is more compared to other seasons. A poorly chosen bait for the spring fishing is able not only to attract, but to scare off the fish.

Experienced fishermen know that spring fishing is not necessary to use strongly scented bait that has a very negative effect on the fish. Especially fishing in the spring do not need to use a variety of baits produced in other countries. As a rule, foreign mixture do not meet the conditions of our climate.

On the packaging of baits manufacturers indicated that these mixtures are intended for use in cool water, but probably the concept of «cool» water to the Russian and American rivers are different from each other.

Bait for the spring fishing domestic manufacturers should be used in warm water, so experienced fishermen usually dilute them with various toppings – bread crumbs, soil and other

As the basis of many baits for fishing in the spring use of bait of animal origin such as bloodworm, worms, maggots. Such bait easily do yourself. The number of manufactured bait can be determined depending on the intended number of points of fishing. Typically, a spring trip is enough to cook three or four hundred grams of bait.

In the preparation of bait for fishing in the spring is necessary to consider the flow velocity and water transparency in the shery. The performance of fish from the use of a particular bait, of course, significantly different at fast or slow streams, and in muddy or clear water.

Fishing spring pond, where there are no currents, components of bait animal origin may be mixed with the breadcrumbs. This mix gives the bait for fishing in the spring required tackiness. Very good to use Hercules or corn crackers.

When spring fishing for and select the desired bait should consider the degree of transparency of water. In clear water it is better to use clay to bind the groundbait ingredients of animal origin. For spring fishing is of great importance a good visual perception of fish baits with a natural appearance, appropriate type of soil in the bottom of the pond.

For fishing in the spring in the pond of muddy water good to use a bait with different scents, because in muddy water fish is on the bait mostly by smell. The best flavor for bait for the spring fishing can be hemp oil, anise, or thyme are added into the total weight of the mixture of protein powder or egg powder.

Experienced fishermen usually a lot of experimenting to determine the best bait for the spring fishing for a particular reservoir, so novice anglers to productive fishing is to listen to the advice of experienced fishers to choose the best bait for fishing in the spring by their personal experiences.


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