Bait for tench. Worms and leeches

To catch tench you need at dawn and afternoon. Spring is the time when tench can be caught all day long. He arrives to the shore and swallowed the bait at a depth of up to half a meter. If the pond is overgrown with dense vegetation, is to clear a small area to fish, slowly lowering and raising the lure in the water. For different season needs its own bait on the line.

Spring lures — a variety of insects, slugs, snails, and red manure worms (always live) and bloodworms. On a moving bait in the spring Lin responds quickly and willingly. A small breeze can help when catching fish, slightly «forcing» the bait regularly to stir. At equal intervals of time, it is necessary quietly to SIP the lure in the direction or at yourself.

Summer baits are the plants: peas, potatoes or dough.

Worms worms for bait.

Extracted worms without difficulty, perfectly cling to the hook, do not fall down with him, easily stored and transported over long distances. The Nightcrawlers. The Nightcrawlers — it’s a big earthworm. Nightcrawlers come in different colors. The most valuable light representatives (possess maximum tensile strength), place of residence, which — loam. But it is suitable for fishing and dark worms, which are easy to find in the sand. Earthworms choose to stay moderately moist place (garden, garden, Park). The best activity in Nightcrawlers at night. And the maximum number is observed after heavy rainfall or when there is dew.

Store Nightcrawlers recommended in a cloth bag, with the addition of moss or soil. Storage of hearts at home it is advisable if they will be in a wooden fixture (basket, box) of sufficient depth, filled with soil. The top of the container is covered with matting, if it isn’t moss. Monitor the worms need throughout the fishing. Contraindicated, so they fell into the water, the worms just die and start to smell. Box of worms should be well ventilated. And more — Lin likes cleansed from the earth worms, so you should take care of it.

Ways to stick a worm on a hook every fisherman chooses individually. One twist of the worm hinges, leaving it hanging out the end. Other threaded the hook through the front part of the worm’s body that gives the bait a natural. Little worms are placed behind the head and in the middle of the body and moving them to a leash. Experts, anglers are advised not to bury the stinger hook in the bait, otherwise, when too lazy to swallow a nozzle, by chance the hook can slip out of his mouth during sweeps.

Leeches for bait Lin.

Leech — the most beautiful bait for catching tench, particularly in spring and summer. Her bite is absolutely any fish, and often large. Sometimes laziness is so used to the leech that you take the other bait is not trying. Period, the best catch continues until the beginning of flowering of lindens. In freshwater, more than 70 live species of leeches, but fine for fishing not all. Leech finds himself in the reeds, sedges, Lily pads and under stones in the water.

The most popular for fishing medium-sized leeches (2-5 cm). They are called erpobdella. To find a leech is easy: it is necessary just to touch it and if it will finish and will start to emerge quickly, the leech was found. Color it brown, gray and even black, plus flecks.

Harvest of leeches: rake (usually with a rake) from the depth of the reservoir of debris mixed with silt, and scattered on the shore; after a time, water flows, and leeches begin to emerge from the debris in search of water; using this, take a wand (tweezers) and collect them. You should not be afraid that the leech will stick to the finger, sucker, weak, and so it’s not going to happen.

The refrigerator is one of the most convenient places for the storage of leeches. Place a jar of leeches fashionable somewhere at the bottom of the fridge, in a glass jar with a water filled little more than half. In this state leeches will live for weeks. When the time comes to fishing, you can easily select the desired number of leeches in a container without water. Surprisingly, one leech caught a couple of tench. Gets a leech on a hook through sucker. In the first stage of the leech pierce the front part so the hook came out through the suction Cup. Next put the hook through the body, achieving that the sting came out. Find out about other osobennostej fishing for tench..


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