Bait for fish

Very often the following can be observed. The fisherman arrives on the scene, throws tackle and in the answer silence…! Not a single bite! And this does not mean that a bad fisherman or a bad. Just for Prevagen. And fish here. The reason can be only one — the place is not interesting fish because of the lack of food. How bringing the fish to the fishing spot?

First, you need to decide what kind of fish we will catch, and then to choose the way of bait.

So, for carp fishing it is best to use a variety of cereals. This mess was not distributed and was not leaving bait under the action of the flow, it mixed with the wet clay until a homogeneous clay-Koshevogo balls, and swinging as it should, throw in the location where approximately will be the hook. Under the action of currents, the clay gradually washed out, and released a mess for some time is in close proximity to the hook and its surrounding areas, taking the right hungry fish to the bait. Thus, until you dissolve all clay, will constantly hook bait.

A little different lure perch — small predator. Basically, they feed on worms and occasionally fish other fish. The method you select for the bait similar to that described above, with the only difference that bait perch in clay add instead of oatmeal worms and slugs favorite delicacy of the fish.

If you decide to hunt for large predatory fish such as pike or pike-perch, and bait should be appropriate. This predator loves shiny and alive fish, mainly fry of other fish. Make one clay ball obviously will not work. Here we need another trick. This bait was invented in England about two hundred years ago. Then fry took and put in a glass jar, and instead of the cover wore a gauze, so the fish could breathe. This Bank was tied to the stone to took over, filled with water and sank to the bottom. It created the illusion of fish flocks, which attracted the attention of predatory fish. Most interesting is that this method was initially laughed at, but over time found more and more supporters, in spite of its high efficiency. It was 200 years ago. Since then, progress has moved on, and now is fragile and unreliable glass jars you can use PET bottles, just remember to make some holes in it so that fry was not breathing, but were perfectly visible to the predator.


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