Bait for carp


Currently, in order to learn how to prepare bait for carp, simply go to any fishing site and read the recipe. These sites describe various recipes for this are very much needed for carp fishing mixture. But as practice shows, not all charms can really show off the results of agile, what is required of them.

This is mainly due to the fact that people who write recipes, as a rule, guided by its own pond, where they have long studied the habits and wishes of the carp. But this view is mistaken. For the preparation of high-quality bait, especially when it comes to carp, you need to take into account such factors as the clarity of the water in the river, temperature, density of fish fauna of the reservoir.

Therefore, high-quality bait for carp have to be prepared either taking into account all factors that affect the behavior of fish, or have in its composition the main ingredients that carp love almost anywhere. And other components added directly at the place of fishing. Of course, before that, a good «put some feelers out» to local anglers, what are the benefits of carp in this pond.

So, proceed directly to the case!

The basis of any bait for carp best to take palatsi and specially bought the dry mixture. Best suited «Chip». This component is tested by many fishermen and is showing pretty good results. Mix the two components necessary in a proportion of about 50% to 50%. Granules of peladow it is best to choose a diameter of from 4 to 12 millimeters. For that would be bait for carp was efficient and effective, it is necessary to add so-called attractants. They are considered different sprays, flavorings, cocoa, hemp oil, honey. In no cases do not need to add all of the above components at the same time. You must choose one, maximum two. Other components it is best to take on a fishing, to add already directly on the beach. Of course, pre-reconnoiter the situation about the benefits of local carp. The truth is you can just experiment by adding different attractants and look at the result. If after casting several ball of bait fish bite became more frequent, then you have found the right ingredient. All this mixture should be thoroughly mixed and pour in boiling water. Then let stand for about three hours.

Thrown bait for carp in the pond in small balls, about the size of a good orange, two balls with regularity for about 15 minutes. If You catch on the feeder, the bait must be done with such density that she hadn’t dropped the pass from the feeder. Elute in water it needs for approximately half an hour. Therefore, if fishing occurs on the river with a strong current, the bait must add the soil from a local pond. It will not only give the density of Your mixture, but will the ballast.


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