Bait for carp (own)

Baits for catching such fish as carp a lot, but that would get her ready You will have to spend on different ingredients, not a small fortune. And the effectiveness of their, to put it mildly, wants to be the best.

But there is one recipe in which bait for carp works wonders. And cooking it almost hits the pocket. This groundbait is perfect for fishing the feeder and catching on the float rod.

The basis for this mixture will be food for the birds, but rather for pigeons. Of course, it sounds a little strange, but believe those who have ever tried to do the bait, so I would not change this recipe to any other.

Buying food, you need to pay attention to its composition. It should include such components as : white dots, a rank swamp, wheat, barley, sunflower seeds and beans. All ingredients should be mandatory, otherwise the groundbait for carp will not be as effective.

Then in the bait you want to add hemp bran. If there are none, they can be replaced or meal or hemp oil. Make it a must, without these additives bait for catching carp will not be valid. The smell of cannabis in carp much appetite, and he starts actively looking for food.

Further, all cooked ingredients must be mixed, pre-peremolotyh good. This is done as follows: Into a saucepan of medium size to half fill the prepared bird feed. Then this mixture must be filled with water. It must be done, because the water on two fingers covered birdseed. Then this mixture should be left to insist for two days.

In two days, the resulting slurry you need to add cannabis. If You want a groundbait for carp was using oil, 50 milliliters is enough. The resulting mixture should be completely and mix well. This is best done with a mixer. Then again leave for a day to ensure that the bait is well soaked hemp smell.

Before fishing, the resulting mixture must boil for 10 – 15 minutes. This will be enough. It is certainly possible not to do that, but that would be sure better to spend an extra twenty minutes.

After that, bait for carp is ready. To throw in feeders, if you catch on the feeder, and together with the river clay, cases of fishing with a float rod. Successful fishing.


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