Bait for carp fishing

For successful carp fishing use a huge number of bits of animal and vegetable origin. When choosing them, the angler has to consider many different factors:

1.The method of fishing;

2.Type of the reservoir;

3.Time of the year;

4.The place of catching;

5.Time of the day;

6.Weather conditions;

7.Availability in lake or river competitive species, which can not only spoil the mood of the angler, but also adversely affect the results of the catch.

Bait for carp fishing animal origin:

1. Worms;

2.Insect larvae;


4.Unsalted pork fat;


Vegetable bait:








Interest in the spring of carp can only «animal» food, because it is more typical for this time of year. Catch it on cereal or pea is currently very difficult, because these nozzles are considered «out of season» and the fish are frequently passed right by her. Yes, boiled potatoes are on the hook after winter looks at least suspicious.

Very good attachment for catching fish of large size is considered a large earthworm, or as it is also called «raincoat». It can be found in parks, squares, gardens, gardens. Often, before the rain, he crawls out of the ground. In length can reach up to 20 cm, to have a body diameter of 1 cm, color – brown, and the tail is slightly lighter (pink, closer to white). Dig it with a shovel is very difficult, because the worm burrows into the ground to a depth of 1 meter. And to find it not so easy, so collect them after rain.

Festering worm – the most common bait for fishing not just carp, but other fish species. Dig it into heaps of rotted manure. Usually reaches a length of 4-5 cm When clicking on his body gives off yellow liquid that has an odor, so on the hook it baited with a little bruised, so to speak to attract fish.

Maggot – larva meat green flies. Some fishermen they are bred – to throw the heat the fish bellies, it goes off and emits a very unpleasant smell. Him attract flies and lay their eggs. After 3-4 days they become very small and white grubs. Collect them in a box filled to half with small grains and put in a cool place (20 degrees above zero). After 2-3 days they will grow to normal size, and they can be put on the hook. But most importantly, they have not reconstructed by because for 5 days the larvae turn into a fly. But as the process of breeding maggots is not a pleasant task, many anglers just buy them in a specialty store.

Shellfish is the perfect bait, perfect for catching all kinds of fish (perch, pike, catfish, big carp, carp). Get them in the rivers, often they are in the water right near the shore. Their shells open with a knife, and the body cut into pieces and skewer on a hook. But lately on this nozzle just forgot, and for good reason – sometimes she gives very good results.

Lard – bait came to us from the Soviet Union, was used in villages and small towns. You may think that it’s insanity, but the results at catching of a carp on fat can be very unexpected. Why this product makes the fish actively bite no one really can not say. Fresh bacon (not salty and not ice cream) sliced, diced and pushed onto the hooks.

With the arrival of summer the variety of tips for carp fishing increases. The water is warm and the smell of vegetable baits is posted on many meters from the place of fishing, that is why their use in the summer shows the best results.

Potatoes – the most simple and effective bait for catching carp. It is boiled, but not until the end, so in the water she was changed and placed on the hook. However, some fishermen moisten it in sunflower oil.

Corn, peas, wheat, oats, rice are used when fishing for large specimens of white fish (carp, roach, bream, carp, tench). Prepared very simply – in the evening before leaving on a fishing trip grains are placed in a fabric pouch and put in a thermos. Pour boiling water and close. By morning the bait is ready to use.


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