Bait for bream

All fishermen know that the effective catching of such fish as bream, without good bait impossible. Each fisherman has their own unique recipe of bait. Everyone praises your recipe. And this is partly correct, because the bait for bream for each reservoir should be different. Each river has its own habitat, its own food supply.

This is mandatory must be considered when selecting components in the bait. It is also very important factor is the time of year. Almost every month the bream changes its preferences. Bait for bream, which may have acted flawlessly, in July may be very interesting this fish. To understand almost all of the success factors of a particular bait, in a certain period, it is not practically possible. But there are basic points that determine half of the success of the bait.

Let’s start with the color of the bait. Bait fishing for bream have to be bright. This is not in any way does not mean that it should just be white in all cases. Of course not. The bait you need to choose the color of the bottom. It should be lighter than the bottom, but not much to stand out. Too greater contrast of light frightens the fish rather than its lure. For example, for light sandy day good white bait, and the clay bottom would be the best bait for bream beige. For rocky dark bottom is the perfect colour will be light brown. To adjust the color of bait you can use various additives and fillers, which are sold in any fishing store. Good option is to add in the bait squeak or clay from the local pond.

The second important factors in bait fishing for bream is aromatizatory. All lovers of fishing bream in one voice say that the bait for this fish must be sweet. Bream just loves sweets. Therefore, in the process of cooking bait need to add components such as honey or sugar.

Also among the flavors are well proven, such as: cinnamon, vanilla, fennel, coriander. You can also use vegetable oil such as sunflower, canola, corn, burdock. Some anglers added fruit extracts. For example, Apple or raspberry.

We should also highlight the garlic and dill. These two components give very good results in almost all water bodies.

The basis for bait it is best to take steamed grain of different cereals and also beans and peas. Also bait for bream can be based on toasted breadcrumbs or flakes. To create the right to call a bream, a cloud of turbidity, add powdered milk or egg powder.

But all of these components must be carefully matched to the characteristics of the local reservoir, based on my experience and the experience of other anglers.


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