Bait — feeding post

If you decided to hunt for such fish as perch, sabrefish, Rudd or other near surface and pelagic fish, you will be a useful method of feeding the post.

In this method of feeding mixture for bait plunges from the surface to the bottom, so here’s the important visible characteristics of feed particles – their taste, glow, size, peculiarities of movement when diving in the water column.

Palatability is very important because this type of feeding bait is highly soluble in water. Portions of the mixture are small because this method is primarily used in shallow water. And the bite was steady the fisherman you just have to regularly toss the mixture.

If you want to catch a roach, white bream or white bream, it is better to feeding the post not to use. Although sometimes, when the fish are very capricious and does not bite other baits, and provided that the shallow fish don’t interfere, you can try this method. A good effect is obtained when food is distributed in stagnant water cone.

The mixture is desirable to make a loose, crumbly. To do this, try to make non-uniform grinding of a mixture of large particles mixed with small light. Perfect bran, sawdust, no odor. Sand is well loosens the mixture, but makes it heavier, so it should be used for deep-sea fish. The effect can be increased, if you apply the colored sand: red, yellow. But do not overdo it with this feature is mainly fish attracted turbid suspension of finely ground particles of food, which interpreted it as a signal of «food».

The quality characteristics that you created a pole of bait will depend on how successfully you have managed to pick up all the components. For this you should study the properties of each element. If the mixture is chosen so that it has more large particles, you often have to throw a portion into the water. Large particles tend to quickly settle to the bottom of a river or lake, and the fish quickly rashvatyvayut, so the consistency of the slurry within the range of smaller fishing provide. However, if small particles will prevail in the prepared mixture, the bait becomes viscous, stick to hands and badly dissolve in water. Can form clumps, which will quickly go to the bottom and necessary «Muti» will achieve much harder. Therefore, the necessary balance of components.

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