Bait-as a good way of hunting for foxes in winter,choose a place,time and good bait

For such hunting must be the owner of strong patience. She begins with the moment when the season opens, but the most effective and interesting it is clear what will happen in the second part of winter. It was then that the foxes are often left to treat them, moreover, just before this period, foxes are fully Mature redhead and fur of high quality.

An ambush during a hunt they often do on the top of the tree to increase the angle. Besides, experienced hunters claim that on the tree, the Fox will be able to detect you are less likely.

There is also the possibility to hunt near hay stack or even under a tree, with the key is that you don’t show up at night under the moon when is most likely to happen this hunt. Especially professional hunters or commercial hunters, and hunters who hold paid hunting, practice hunting with susedoc built in the form of small mud huts with loopholes.

As bait can be used virtually all the waste of human food, because the carcass of the fallen animal in our time is quite problematic production, as well as transportation to the location of the hunt. Good privatecom will pluck both fish and meat, viscera and skins of ungulates, canteen waste, crow’s carcass. The latter have the advantage that they are not interested in stray dogs, but is a delicacy for the foxes.

A large bait such as bird dogs or sheep or nailed to the ground or tied to a tree in order to paint from the blind. On the contrary, the carcass of a Raven cut into small pieces and scatter throughout as a result, Fox will have them right there without the ability pull the carcass to the side. Canteen waste should fill in prematurely dug hole, covering it with the wooden cover or tarpaulin to protect from birds.

The best time to hunt foxes will be moonlit nights, but if necessary, you can hunt with the use of external light, such as under-barrel flashlights or spotlights. However, on moonlight nights you will also be able to enjoy the beauty of the night forest and the magic of moonlight.

For a comfortable hunting-you should bring warm clothes, but to avoid premature perspiration should wear it only during the blind, because wet clothes in winter will not lead to anything good.

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