Bait and bait for fishing in the autumn

With the onset of autumn, the temperature regime of water bodies is drastically reduced. Such conditions contribute to the fact that fishermen cease actively to add flavors to the bait. This is due to the fact that in cold water flavours spread rather slowly.

However, the autumn fishing encourages him to make the transition to flavors of the autumn period. These supplements are composed of attractants, reminiscent of the taste of animal origin. For example, the main we can distinguish the blood or meat. Not very unimportant moment of the autumn fishing is the visual definition of bait.

The water in this period is significantly cleared and the transparency is much higher than during the bloom of algae. So the fish can see for considerable distances, the objects of his attention. Professional fishermen like to use the volcano bait. During the ingress of the mixture into the water, it begins to absorb water and boiling, creating a geyser effect. The fish is very attractive.

To create a geyser using bran, dry milk, crushed cereal and other components that are included in the diet of fish. In this bait quite often add slices of meat or chopped worm. During operation of the geyser, pieces of Goodies will turn up at a considerable distance from the bottom surface, and fall near the place of bait.

Thus, the efficiency during the use of such tactics is greatly increased. However, you should not overdo it with the amount of this additive, because it will not allow geyser to work fine.

If in the summer, fishing is trying to diversify the bait, with the onset of cold weather, you should adhere to a certain strictness in the selection. Fish tries to look for the bait unit and more. The bait should be similar to that which he usually eats in the winter.

This leads to the choice of moth and fly larvae. When selecting the larvae of flies, fish gives preference to large individuals, so buying maggots, pay attention to the size of individuals. Fly larvae must be mounted on one species on one hook. The larva, which is already beginning to pupate, enjoys the greatest interest in fish. Along with this it is a good idea to use as bait the major inhabitants of the pond in the shery. Fish good bite on catfish that can be found in almost every pond.

Experienced anglers until the end of autumn are beginning to harvest the burdock. He will need to display the burdock moth. This mole, a favorite delicacy of bleak, which in this period is sufficiently removed from the surface of the water at depth.

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