Baikal MP-153 the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Semi-automatic smoothbore shotgun MP-153 manufactured by Izhevsk mechanical plant Baikal. Used for recreational, fishing and sport shooting. The main characteristics of this weapon is the ammo 12-gauge and 70-89 mm length liner. The gun of Mr-153 is functionality, reliability, full availability, versatility in application rounds.

Mr-153 consists of a barrel with speed control of the recoil return spring, the moving system of pistons, thrust arm and shutter stock and fore-end, the box with the rifle shop and perehvatyvaet. All parts easy to reach for cleaning. To prevent jamming of the receiver is provided the use of double rods. The percussion mechanism attached to the inside of the two pins.

The trunks are made of carbon steel, which is further chrome plated.

Any new gun should be put into operation. For this clean production oil and put the new disulfit molybdenum. Carefully examine the surface of parts and detection of marriage, trying to eliminate the method of grinding, polishing and honigova internal parts and moving particles. Also check and Polish the corners snagging the cocking of the trigger and sear, after such action the trigger will surprise you with smoothness and precision.

Experienced hunters conducted an experiment and tried to dispel myths about the number of shots that can be played MP-153 Baikal for a short period of time. Staunch opponents of the use of this weapon in one voice told that more than 10,000 shots to get it.

Speakers experimenters were 5 hunters. Firm «prima Army» gave them a new self-loading shotguns, and «Fiocchi» provided ammunition, with the quantity of 50000 pieces. Having prepared everything necessary for the work, a group of hunters went on the road.

When the Braves got to the destination, the autumn weather became worse – it was raining, accompanied by strong winds. There were still 5 days and hunters started to equip a place for future shooting. On the one hand put the tray of filled cartridges, and a container of water to cool the weapon after firing dynamic.

Conducted after 250-300 rounds, the barrel was immersed in water for 15-20 seconds, after which it was cooled and it again could take up. Natural cooling was slow, and the hunters it was important to get done, scheduled, and each minute was expensive. In the evening after counting shell casings hunted appeared the first result – 9000 rounds. To carry out planned, there were still 1000, but as interfere with the pouring rain, left them until the next day. The decision was taken to start at sunrise and finish just after dusk.

The second day pleased looked out the bright sun with a light breeze. The spot during the shooting was just for cleaning guns, and cooling. It is important to keep the water from falling on the forearm and the gas chamber. To prevent this, the data part of the trunk was paramutabilis cloth. After a long shooting, tallied fired cartridges showed the figure of 17,000 pieces. It was the first victory.

In the days that followed, the arrow stuck to the chosen pace, and on the fifth day (last) left to shoot 8000 rounds. Someone from the hunters very tired and wished to deviate from the intended target, and someone continued to work hard. Guns cleaned, oiled and set to work. Shoot the final 50000h cartridge, the weary hunters opened the champagne, raised a toast to the successful completion of the work and the main «hero for the day» — MP-153 Baikal.

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