Autumn Pike

For centuries, the fish kept «where it is deeper,» but in the last two years there were rumors that the most successful places often wasn’t in the pits…

Thickens and frowned autumn, opened up the abyss of heaven, but with a strong leaven made by the fishermen who go to your favorite fishing in any weather, but first, exactly where to find the fish in October-November.

Where the flock is, there the shepherd, and the great rivers toothy perfectly caught the outputs of the old, backwaters, braids the mane, extending from the Islands — in places where often gather dense autumn flocks of bream, white bream, roach, do not stand here, but regularly Because anglers can spend hours to sh in one spot, waiting for pike exit, take follow one another. They «stand on point» manes extending from the upper and lower parts are on the river Islands. Is there another entrance from the old, exploit the drop off into the river, a clock (!) hammering jigs are often one and the same point. It is believed that there are certain «pike watch» these remedies, not changing or years. But according to surveys of anglers, these classifications — «to deceive», because the magic output is unpredictable over time.

On the river a lot of catching pike is not in the pits and on rough bottom stretches between the wells — at depths of 2-4m. And the rifts, and for warm-weather work and small shoals in the first place their outputs.

Much depends on the strength of the flow, whom pike usually avoids.

The main fish caught off the coast or on the borders of fast and moderate currents. On the slow rivers, the pike usually take in the middle of the riverbed on the changes of bottom topography. In medium-sized rivers with a fairly flat bottom pike are often tightly gathered around the rubble of snags, which can be as in depth and Frank broke. Kilometer run can be empty, and turn of river blockage is literally stuffed full of pike. Where there are deep holes, large pike are in the deep eyebrows, but if high water priceplay coastal grass, part of a pike is here, however, is small. However, regular fishing, when and on large and medium rivers large pike on depths less than a meter, at the same time getting and depths. Speaking of very small depths, we can say that last November pike weighing 2-3 kg appeared at depths of 5-6m. Fishing observations show that broke out only some small portion of the population of pike, but catch her here easier, if the time to switch from deep to shallow fishing. For example, change the jig to the big wide spoons of thin metal. An interesting picture of late autumn and on small rivers, where spring comes a lot of decent pike, which is not always all rolls fall in the maternal waters. Fishermen tell that in the summer on the heavily overgrown maloree to catch a spinning almost impossible, but late fall was just the beginning! Pike weighing 1-2 kg slipping on Monday in the group and getting fat. Predator same large size alone holding pits, where occasionally you get caught. Of course, the pike place — estuarine areas of small rivers (10-15 km from the mouth). Especially gorgeous was shot at the pike in small rivers of the last warm autumn and the first half of winter.

Last late fall, practically on the eve of the pre-winter, good «shot» with some confined floodplain lake and even a mini – lake. Depth? Well, if a meter with a cap»! Angry, hungry and frozen, pike fatten at the center of these lakes, even in the period when the river had already begun to drive to kakati, off the coast of poklevok was not. Were these puddles and pike on 3-4kg!

A bit more predictable pike on lakes and reservoirs, where the ice of a large predator still moving deeply, but often rests on the bottom, accompanying the white flocks, which may be so dense that sonar sees them with a solid stain. Shallow lakes and ponds, the picture has changed. If the summer Belle was «smeared» across the pond (pike, respectively), in late autumn, the fish very tightly strays near the poor remains of algae, including at shallow depths. This is especially noticeable when warming after prolonged cold weather when the fish are on the shoals not only fed, but just heated. Dense aggregations of pike, «herds», found in Sunny weather after the winds in quiet bays on the windward side — the wind catches here on the heated surface water, and fish hangs itology. If again colder, the pike are often «buried» in a thick cane, to sh which is almost impossible. But strong winds (cane and reeds go shake) pike crawls out of gumare on the edge, setting up their ambush perch and roach. And on many waters catch at this time in cane. The anglers say that the boat, of course, has wave be healthy, but the fish is not afraid of the noise of the cane.


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