Autumn pike fishing

Probably, a lot of fishermen–fans had to participate in the pike fishing. This type of fishing a few changes the idea of traditional fishing. This type of fishing there are even competitions in which take part hundreds of fishermen–fans.

Pike is a representative of a predatory class of fish. Her temper is prone to constant hunting, the need to produce food. Pike is also able to eat their own kind, which was noticed by the fishermen was the reason for the creation of special hooks, lures and other accessories for fishing.

As already mentioned, the pike is a predator, so as bait for fishing it is customary to use lures resembling in structure and coloration to live fry. Experienced anglers often make the likeness of the cuttings with your hands. And not forgetting one very important detail! Pike will never attack healthy, vigorous, agile bait. The favorite victim is wounded pike fry, baitfish with any injury, and acts as the blood from the wound live bait only increases the interest of a pike to a potential victim. And this is why anglers by creating the artificial bait simulate a wound, using bright colors, reminiscent of blood.

There are also such types of bait fish, which contain tin, iron or plastic membrane, which in the future can be filled with the blood of freshly caught fish or any other. The blood serves as a strong stimulus for pike! Not only is she able to attract the predator at a distance, but its bright color to make it attack the bait. The membrane itself is a reason is made of tin or iron pipe. It your weight and shape supersedes the sinker.

Lure for pike in the fall

For pike especially in the autumn is also recommended to use a lure. The lure can be made from a huge range of products and wastes. So, are very common among lures for pike fishing lures from coarsely chopped cuttings. As the cuttings you can use the little perch, the fry of carp and many other fish species. Perch is very popular because of its bright color and ability to survive for long periods in the form in which it was abandoned in the water. As foods are used inside of the fish. Finally, the most simple form of lure serve coarsely chopped manure worms.

Fishing for pike in the fall – the lesson is very interesting. Pike is quite common in the rivers and rarely in lakes. In addition, pike prefers to be in the thick algae and in the midst of the coastal tree roots. This is due to its tendency to attack the victim from a safe haven, and that creates considerable obstacles for fishermen.

In the autumn the fishermen prefer to fish for pike mostly with boats. This allows them to reach inaccessible places where the pike waits for its prey. Conducting fishing in such places it is impossible to forget about the safety rules. In addition, you must possess a certain level of proficiency at the time of receipt of pike.

The pike fishing on spinning in the fall

The pike fishing is carried out mainly by spinning. Bite same pike represent a dramatic tension, which are caused by lightning depredation on the bait. Many fishermen prefer to put the bait on the bait between the head and the upper fins, which allows the bait to move in the water and out of the wound blood at the moment attracts the predator. Don’t forget about the fact that pike do not always blindly attacks its prey. She, like humans, tend to doubt, because of its ability to capture live bait not once, but nibbling at it, checking his reaction.

The pike fishing is quite interesting to do, and in the autumn it is also accompanied by beautiful paintings that nature gives us. That allows the angler to feel the rush of adrenaline, enthusiasm and the desire to breathe.

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