Autumn grayling fishing

The purpose of this article is aimed at familiarizing the reader with little secrets autumn grayling fishing. For starters, you can tell about grayling fishing in General. In tributaries of the Volga, Large and Small Cauchy local fishermen by tradition addicted to fishing for grayling. Fishing the local population usually produces a streamer. It is made of wool, which is on the legs and protein from rooster feathers. Rod turns blank, without adjusted her coils.

In short, if you look closely, the tackle will be more like «steam», consisting of several flies, tied one over the other. The distance between them is 20-30 centimeters. The meaning of this technique is the following: when casting tackle within her blows, fishing gradually tightens the fly against the current. At this time, the hand of the angler twitches constantly, which is a good bait. This kind of gear is mainly applied in warm times, such as August, July, or warm in September, at a time when the grayling is hunting on the surface for insects.

As for autumn grayling fishing.

Grayling are found in rivers, regardless of their size. The duration of the active life of grayling in a small taiga rivers lasts from early spring to late autumn period, and deep rivers all year round. Grayling belong to the Salmonidae family. This fish is quite lively and quick. Its average size is approximately equal to 20 centimeters.

In the period of Golden forest, when the water is covered with yellow leaves and comes short days, grayling with Lenk show any concern. This happens for a reason. Winter is coming. This means that fish of this species will have to change their homes for new housing and a new search of food.

Just to say about the transition of grayling in the big river, as it all depends on the weather constraints and the temperature of the air and water. Typically, the fishing season for grayling opens in September and lasts until the end of October. It is desirable to catch on the rocky bottom where the door sill or is the narrowing of the river. Usually Pleso in places moderately calm.

Through the lifting of feed from the bottom of the swift rapids a great place for feeding will serve as a deep temperate waters. In these places you will find a large number of grayling. Fishermen don’t have to get up early in the morning to throw the bait.

As experience shows, the height of the biting grayling in the second half of the day. On this basis, fishing should start no earlier than eleven o’clock. To stock up fat for the winter, grayling are well caught on the fly. Fishing is similar to the weather one day can be biting quite active, and tomorrow, and not one fish caught.

In such cases it is recommended to use two fertilize. The first positioning with the worm, and the second with a fly. The fly should choose darker shades, swamp, as to such colour the grayling is more. The front sight should not be heavy, but bait is better to use a three — or four-meter. If the main line is 0.3 mm, the size of the leash must not exceed 0,18 mm.

It is necessary to focus on the fact that feeding larger grayling do not need. Fishing technique lies in the fact that the fisherman, moving from one deep spot to another along the stream, tempting the fish with bait. Approaching the next pool, he fixes the eye down and making easy casting, provides the opportunity to ascend is assured. In the case of leads lures over the bottom, the distance of descent is reduced by 15-20 centimeters.

It should be noted that grayling in the very rare cases take the bait from the bottom. They almost always take the bait at 5-10 centimeters floating above the bottom. By casting in different directions, the angler has the opportunity to sh in the desired Viru square. If the reedy shore, you need to get in the water in the shallows and snap to release myself. But it is strictly forbidden to approach the place of the roll, as it is located near grayling can be frightened and stop to peck at.

Fishing in autumn is the best option, as compared to summer fishing, when plagued by mosquitoes, ticks, a horrible sticky heat and mosquitoes, at the moment there is the opportunity to enjoy all the pleasures of the Far East nature, and have fun while enjoying your vacation.

Fishing in the winter is better to postpone for many reasons. The first thing You will prevent, it is the obstruction of highways, the second – the need to navigate the terrain, not to fall into a deep pit or Plyos. If is large, then in the winter time is better to fish in the lower reaches of Boktor where you will not remain without grayling.

But the best pleasure with a nice and comfortable fishing time is autumn. Most of the fishing at this time of year hunting for grayling, which once again proves the peak of the bite.

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