Autumn fishing

There is a perception that fishing is not as happy as summer. It is a profound mistake. Just fish a few change their habits, so the angler should also change the tactics of fishing.

With the advent of autumn, the night becomes longer, the water temperature will drop slightly colder on the street. Fish stops to take as active as before. Now in the morning, a good bite can not hope – it is necessary to wait for the afternoon when the water warms up a bit.

So what kind of fish you hope to catch in the fall and how to do it?

For the first time will only deteriorate the biting catfish. Than the water will be colder, the less you can count on his catch. Carp will move away from the coast in depth and to return only closer to the dinner. Bream will still bite, and this season there is a possibility of the detention of its record instances. However, the lower becomes the temperature of the water will make it more difficult. Rudd, which during the summer we have continuously met in the upper layers of the water will go down, and only on a warm day will sometimes come to the surface.

Zander will leave the usual place of summer feeding and will gradually move to the deeper, quiet areas with almost no current. At this time, it can be caught on the float rod, and near the shore. As bait, use live bait. Medium instances can encroach upon the big Nightcrawlers. In the autumn walleye can be caught in virtually any gear intended for fishing spinning in circles, etc. becomes efficient Enough fishing boats short fishing-rod. As a nozzle also use a big worm or live bait.

Autumn begins to be active perch. His biting is becoming more confident. He greedily rips the bait off the hook. In this season bass caught using float fishing rods, bands, donkey, spinning. The bait is the same as for walleye, only when trolling, use smaller lures.

Autumn is a great time for catching trout, Chub, IDE and grayling. The bait should be for them to use animal origin. However, the season even peaceful fish prefers to eat its smaller brother to put on fat for the coming winter.

Autumn is the season Jora pike. Most likely at this time she is caught on live bait and dead fish. Becomes effective and the use of circles.

In the middle of the fall season almost any predator starts to get caught on a frog. In summer it rarely attracted to, but in the autumn the perch, IDE, Chub and pike prefer it to other types of bait. The most effective tackle is a Donk. If your areas fishing ground is impossible – try to use a float rod. To achieve greater effect, you should catch in the wiring.

The use of bait in the fall season almost no effect brings. To lure the fish becomes real, and runs along the pond in search of food. From the plant tips should go to the animal. It is best to use live bait.

Choosing a place of fishing, you should know that the fish gradually goes deep, so fishing from the shore loses its effectiveness. Fishing without a boat becomes a hopeless case.

In search of the predator should sh the deep holes and shoals. In these places you can expect excellent trophy.

Despite the fact that a peaceful fish also caught, all fishing is calculated, for the most part, to the predator.

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