Autumn fishing. October

Well, that was difficult for the fishermen of the day: the dull sky overcast, the winds blow shrill. Not very long surf in this weather with a fishing rod on the shore. But the most avid fishermen and so bad weather will not be intimidated. Especially that last fish are actively biting.

There is an active autumn zhor for deep pike. In the beginning of the month you can still catch on any tackle. But the closer to November the first frosts appear. And spinning line starts regedit, rings covered with frost. This makes it more difficult to catch. So you should go to clubs and track with bait in the form of dead fish. Perch is good at fry.

Burbot at night showing an extraordinary appetite. Bite off the bottom and mostly chicken guts, minnow, frog or polliwog. Hungry during hibernation.

Declined activity of IDE and Chub. And stagnant water can be taken on maggots and bloodworms roach and silver carp. Last active only in clear weather.

In rivers flow in the wiring is good Dace. With vertical jigging on the moth or worm amenable perch. In parallel with the trolling you can catch and tackle.

As the weather is not kind to bright days, and sit just for the fun of fishing in October, will dare not everyone, it is necessary to carefully select the time for productive fishing. Fish affected by the moon. So you should pay attention to domains in which signs of the Zodiac is the night star in any given day. The most prolific signs, of course, water – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. So stock up on the calendar and can count the good days for fishing.

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