Autumn fishing for Chub

The autumn season is a difficult time for catching Chub on spinning. Fish, depending on the time of year, changing of the Parking position, time of feeding and dietary habits. With Chub it’s much more difficult change is so strong that many anglers closed season fishing for Chub spinning by the end of September. Early autumn was the best time for fishing on spinning this fish. What happened that even a Wobbler not able to attract the attention of this fish?

You can speak about the benefits of Chub of different lures on the time of year, location of fishing etc. But this conversation will have a lot of uncertainties, as the conditions of fishing even on the same body of water are constantly changing. Therefore, only required a personal approach with constant analysis of events occurring on specific fishing. Ideally, we need a constant fishing with small breaks, which will allow you to track changes in fish behavior and its change stops. For example, in the street early October. The water is clean and cold. Weather unchanged – a constant cloudy, cool and rain. But cyclone is coming with negative temperatures, torrential rain and sometimes sleet.

First, the analyzed weather.

Based on the practice, usually before the weather changes for the worse with a significant pressure drop of the fish is often a short feeding period. Fish is trying to eat before the forced starvation. It usually occurs in 2 – 3 days before the weather changes. It is advisable to go fishing in this period.

The analysis of the second – to assess the condition of the water. Water low and very clear, cold. Aquatic plant has gone down and seen the bottom in places up to 2 metres. All this leads to the conclusion that the Chub has changed its former Parking lot on the pit. Whatever the conclusions based on the analysis, did not ask, it is best to control the harvest everywhere. And you need to sh every place cranks with different rates of penetration. Sometimes Chub selects a specific narrow area with a width of 6-7 meters, and sometimes there may be a nibble along the entire length of the river.

Features fishing for Chub in the autumn.

The first thing that can greatly affect catch – fishing, which plays an important role in the activity of fish. Fish will play on the water, but they won’t bite.

The second item, you should pay attention to the lure. Many believe that you must use lures type minnow, but in practice often operate bait shape «fat» size of 50 mm. a Good fisherman will not be lazy and try to use all available lures because the fish is sometimes full of surprises.

Thirdly, it will be important game crank. It should be mid-range, even closer to small, with little activity. Powerful and wide game crank will not always work. Of course, you can try Wobbler minnow type, it should work thanks to its individually (it penetrates to the bottom, unlike feta).

The fourth feature is the Parking lot. It should be a place of deep, but not at the bottom of the pit, and near a good stream. Bite is observed at the exit of the jet. Fishing day on the shoals and shallow waters the result may not bring.

Another good idea, if requested to notice the change of weather. For 2 – 3 days before the onset of the cyclone possible active biting. For comparison, the place fishing can be compared to fishing in early spring, when, according to all the law, not Chub caught on spinning. But when you use a minnow with a wide game results may surprise. Any fishing stereotypes fishermen can play a cruel joke and get a good catch. So you always need to experiment for a specific body of water, different time of year, and bait used. Results will then be on top.


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