Autumn fishing for carp

With the onset of autumn every angler covers the desire to go to the pond or river and spend time with a fishing rod in his hands. Autumn fishing is not like any other. It has its own peculiarities and tricks. Of course, we know that each fisherman has its own tactics and strategy of fishing, but there are General rules autumn fishing carp, which should not be ignored.

So, first and foremost, preparing for the autumn fishing for carp, you need to take care of the main tricks of the fisherman – bait.

Autumn bait for carp

There are many types and ways of bait, but not all of them are acceptable for fall fishing. Autumn carp becomes active, it is preparing for winter. You can prepare two types of bait:

1. Loose bait (justified when fishing a fishing rod and allows you to lure the fish closer to the hook).

2. No loose bait (very good shows itself when fishing on the Donk, its density and stickiness allows it to stick and lay down directly in the area of hooks, which is an important advantage).

The bait is made from whole barley (loose bait) and corn flour (not loose bait). Cooking is all known, so we omit them.

The next stage of preparation for fishing is a bait designed specifically for hooks. As a bait use maggots and dung of the worm.

As for hooks, it is better to use 4 and 6 rooms. The line it is desirable to take the average, white.

The choice of location for autumn fishing carp

After all preparations are done, go to the pond. It is advisable to find a calm place close to the reeds or fern, as this is a popular place for carp. Then do a test cast and check the bottom. Put the depth above 30 cm from the bottom, because the fish in autumn is held closer to the bottom. Then, in the intended area of fishing throw the fertilizer, the radius of its drop should be about 1 sq. m. it Should be noted that novice fishermen often make the mistake of dressing and scatter around the radius of the review, which leads to the fact that the fish eats the lure quietly and pays no attention to the bait. Solid foods also need to throw in a moderate amount: 50 – 60g per 1 sqm After the bait are bait. Fishing is recommended to start with manure worm, t. to. its color and smell instantly help to attract carp.

A little trick of the autumn catching carp

Among anglers, there is this trick: put the bait on the worm should be left, leaving a small tail which serves as an excellent bait for carp. In the process of catching, you can change tactics and ponytail to remove, leaving closed the tip of the hook. If the fertilization works and started biting, then this trick the carp will notice, and willingly to be caught.

Connoisseurs of catching carp on the Donk as bait use porridge from corn flour. To overfeed porridge meshing as its on the line between the hooks and delivering it to the location of the hooks with the trough. Corn porridge has a pleasant smell. It if necessary you can add 1 – 2 drops of anise or hemp oil, but not to exceed the dosage, because in that case it will fail to attract and repel with its smell carp. Vanilla is also used by fishermen as an additional scent to the bait.

As for the carp, then it should be done slowly, looking for fish glides. In any case it is impossible to fish for carp in spurts, as carp are very often hooked onto the hook of the upper or lower lip, which leads to frequent breakdowns of the fish off the hook. The carp bite is determined by measuring the movements of the float up and down, fall float on the water surface and in rare cases a sharp snap and put aside. Thus it is possible to notice that the carp slave cunning and when feeding she chooses different tactics.

Autumn fishing for carp is able to please fishermen a rich booty, and a good time.

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