Autumn fishing for bream

During the autumn fishing for bream fishermen will be easier to catch the fish, if they know the specific habitat in reservoirs. This depends on the distance from the shore, and tackle box. Small, shallow river for this season are not considered fishing for bream. He by this time already leaves at depth or near the dams. While fish is not on specific sites, and move in search of food, without going aground.

Autumn bream on plant tips, as a rule, does not bite and prefers caddis, worms or bloodworms, but here, it is unlikely that he was the first to find this treat earlier may detect the attachment of smaller fish. To be sure to catch bream, you need to choose the hours in which the detail is not active. This time of day is night and pre-dawn time. Catch it at this time, usually on the bottom gear.

If we talk about day fishing, in places to a depth of 6 5 m and close to shore bream willingly fits on tame sites, and detail at such depths is not so annoying. Fishing can be carried out at the centrifugal the rod, making long casts, in this case, if near a flock of bream, it will be with you shortly, thereby scaring off the smaller fish.

If the Parking lot bream is unknown, we can resort to the following way: we take three feeder tackle and thrown at the approximate location of the pack, and on different distance from the shore. And, thus, takes or catches of fish is determined by the area of fishing bream. If biting is not present, the changing place of casting. Well, if «felt» pack, it is worth to spend a massive SCORM. For this made bait balls (20pcs), the size of a tennis ball, lure discovered the area. The following bait is carried out through an hour and a half, but provided a good bite. The composition of the mixture, you can add some bloodworms, which activates bream and a little flavoring of animal origin (just don’t overdo it). When fishing fast and deep rivers to the baits tight balls for added land with millet gruel, as well as a little maggots. For there were times when the bait fish began to bite on a distance of 50 – 20 cm from the bottom, so when fishing, this fact should be taken into account.

In conclusion, it should be noted that fall fishing for bream attractive and the fact that in this period he actively fed, stocks of nutrients in the cold winter.

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