Autumn duck hunting,choose a place and weapons for a successful hunt

The special charm of duck hunting adds to the autumn period. But hunting in this period of time is quite difficult, as the bird in this period of time was already perenesla and gained weight. And it only increases the value of the prize, as the taste of the meat is just wonderful. But it is worth noting that the duck is durable enough to be penetrated by a bullet from a gun. It is not recommended to shoot from a distance, as it is, in most cases, will not bring you good luck, given the time period. In this period of time are fed the ducks that live in the Northern part of the country. And while shooting them the impression that they wore a bulletproof vest. A mistake ill-nature is considered to be a shot in the far distance in these ducks.

In addition, in the autumn period of time significantly reduces the duration of daylight, which results in the need to shoot in low light, slightly visible silhouettes. This fact makes the hunt more exciting and challenging form of recreation.

Before you go hunting, you must carefully approach the choice of cartridges to the gun. They should correspond to the distance at which you plan to do the shot, number of shot and be made of quality alloy metal.

Shooting at a greater distance usually like beginners in the hunter’s craft. But to a good result it will not. As a result, you get a wounded animal located in an unknown area, or just wasting your ammo. If you want to get the right shot, the best for this distance should not exceed thirty feet.

If you shoot towards a duck, it must be by trunks to cover it and safely pull the trigger. When fired, sent to track birds the aim should be placed below the line of its flight.

Remember that a bird like the duck is moving at extremely high speed, and the delay, just no time. For novice hunters professionals recommend practicing shot after.

While hunting, it is recommended to use a rifle butt. This will save a much greater amount of time spent on alignment of the gun without the stock. Remember! While hunting is not worth to linger, not only with shot but with the gun! Only when responsiveness you just achieved success and return to their hearth and home with a fantastic booty!

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