Autumn diet of the carp

Of course, in those waters where carp zakormlen vegetable foods, it is possible to use cereals, bread, canned corn, etc., but again in combination with animal heads. Suitable grain plus corn maggot, cube semolina and the worm, the crust of black bread and maggot, etc.

As for bait and baits, it works on the same principle: animal protein should prevail. All recipes increases the amount of milk powder, egg powder, are added maggots, bloodworms, fish food. At the same time reduces the number of grits, meal, breadcrumbs, etc. will Cause the finished recipe: dry milk (powder) 150g; egg powder 100 g; maggots 1 matchbox; milled seeds (sunflower) 10 g breadcrumbs-50 g; attractants (dry) 0.5 m; clay, until the desired viscosity of the feed.

When using bait and baits in the fall, observe the following rules.

1) the Bait is laid in strictly certain hours. For example, if you are going to catch in 10 hours, then lay food the day before.

In cold water the appetite of the carp is bad, so of bait and bait should be a bit — 1-2 ball the size of a small Apple.

The colder it is, the less it should be food — after all, the carp is almost at the same place.

Flavors (attracting) in the fall should be very little. The reason is the following: all aquatic organisms included in the diet of carp, in fact, is and attractants. Because the life process they emit chemicals, and thus the subtlest smells. In the autumn of livelihoods freezes, weakens and smells. By the autumn of carp adapts in its own way: in search of write it is partially «off» smell (it helps a little), and finds food with the help of vision, touch and catching the subtle electromagnetic and acoustic vibrations. That’s why it’s so important to include in the live bait bloodworms, maggots, worms. The colder the weather the less should be the head. For example, a big worm carp takes very reluctantly.

All of the above underscores that when fishing for carp just like any other fish, the determining factors will be time and place.

Many cyprinid fishes (large roach, IDE, bream, bream, Rudd, Chub) in the autumn become predators. Carp is no exception. I remember one interesting case from my fishing biography. It happened in the month of September at the Volgograd reservoir, adjacent to Usmart.

Fish in the tank is very diverse: ruff, roach, bream, bleak, pike, perch. There are walleye. It is something I hunted, sakarev a boat near the dam at a fairly strong current. The depth under the boat was about 6 m. My gear was simple: a tight short one-handed spinning with a nod at the top, «Neva» coil with the line 0.4 mm, heavy jig hook No. 12 (see figure).

Figure — Universal spinner with a planting for catching large fish

As the nozzle I used a small ucieczka. The weather was wonderful, not significantly warmed in the autumn sunshine. A light wind drove a small wave. She gently slapped on the sides, rocked and soothed. The catch was already bad — 5 perch 700 p., at 11 o’clock in came small perch. He violently attacked a bleak, stripped off her scales, but the hook did not sit down. I got the striped bandits weighing 150 g and not more. Bite was monotonous. A nod was shaking as in fever, but if the fish was big, strongly bent. I soon felt around the spinners formed a vacuum». Despite the elegant «game» fish «silent». There at the bottom was something going on! But what? And then… a nod gradually went down behind him moved towards the scaffold. Pike?! I boldly hooked. Something excessively heavy froze for a while, as if deliberating, and then rapidly, like a dray horse, pulled him to the depths. Resigned, I started being able to pass the forest, the benefit of it on the drum of the reel was a lot. So… 20… 30… 50 m. Perhaps enough! Start vigorously about to slow down big fish. But unfortunately the unexpected happened. The boat tore off a single anchor and dragged to the spillway of the dam. Where boiling water is a powerful foam stream fell from a height down! The situation became threatening. «Kidney» was drawn with such speed that I was scared in earnest. Pushing the rod struggled a leg, I was privileg on the oars. «Neva» popped like crazy, but I was not before. Finally I dragged out of the danger zone! Fighting fish and eventually, I managed to push over the side net. Now was the last chance to try to bring the fish ashore. My desperate efforts were not in vain.

«Looks like carp!», — I cried from the shore a lone fisherman. «Right here!» again he shouted and waved his hand, indicating the place. But it was not so easy. Finally the fish started to take. Became more and more sluggish jerks. And now she obediently follows behind the boat. And my Savior is the landing net holds a huge spider! One last effort and we all violative fish!

I’m all wet, but happy. Immediately met. Ivan Prokofievich, that was his name, he was right — it was a carp. Together we went to weigh the fish. Huge inventory scales showed 14 kg!

Sergei told me about the carp of the Volgograd reservoir. It turned out that I was very lucky, because in may this fish rarely gets the hook. Why, he didn’t know. I think it’s because of the extreme scarcity of carp.

Carp rigging when fishing with bait is simple: a sliding float, cargo, olive, main line — 0.3-0.4 mm, leash — 0.2-0.3 mm. to Catch the only boat, feeding the selected location. Of course, you have no guarantee that the fry will not catch bass, walleye or pike. For fish the size of a matchstick is seated over the lip on the hook № 6-8. In the calm water behind the backrest on a hook № 5-8. But just note that it is not everywhere takes the bait. This happens mostly in the large Northern bodies of water (running lakes, reservoirs).

Proper site selection plays a crucial role and depends largely on the weather. In a Sunny, relatively warm weather, very promising sites will be removed from the shore banks, as well as protected from wind and well-warmed shallows. In cold, windy weather, the carp takes on Malek thank you, so it’s best to switch to a typical catch-predators — pike-perch, perch, burbot.

In the fall you can catch carp from shore. For fishing from the shore will suit daughter’s bottom with a trough. Equipment is not fundamentally different, but leashes need to be thinner (0.12 to 0.2 mm), fish in cold water is much weaker. Accordingly, it should be smaller and numbers of hooks from No. 5 to No. 8 (national numbering). About 2 weeks before freeze-up begins with a «blind» period for carp fishing. He takes it very badly, as in the body of the fish is a deep restructuring. Carp almost does not eat and stand in one place, usually on the deep drop offs, exit from the pits, selecting first those areas of the reservoir where the water temperature is constant.

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