Autumn catching fish

ASP refers to the carp fish is a real predator, reaching weights up to 12 pounds. He lives in Central Europe, Black sea, the Caspian and Aral seas. Chub that lives in rivers, is usually kept in splendid isolation. However, getting into the Volga, where in certain periods there are a large number of young Caspian roach and bream, begins to gather in large groups.

ASP can be recognized by the long body and great pasta. In the lower jaw, the fish has a small bump on the top is a small recess, in which this tubercle is well included.

October is the best time for fishing for such fish as Chub. By this time he had managed to work up fat for successful wintering. In order to catch the fish, the angler must know all the places it is parked and hunting. This fish likes sites that are on the border of the quiet backwater and strong currents. She can often be seen near the spillway where she is wounded waiting for a smaller fish. Falling from a certain height, and once in the whirlpool, fish lose orientation, with the consequence that is easiest to catch a Chub.

Place asping in the fall

Fish of this breed are very easy to find, as in those places where it is constantly heard bursts characteristic. ASP is a very cautious fish, so fisherman have to be real careful not to scare off potential prey. If an inexperienced fisherman will scare the fish, the fish will go down, hunker down, and will not find it. People should choose such a place, where most often the ASP has a tail, and approach it about 30-40 meters. In the case when on the Bank there are no suitable shelters, a fisherman can very carefully to enter the water.

To throw the bait needed during bursts. Remember to account for. It should fall about half a meter below the splash. If the casting was done correctly then the bite occurs immediately after ditching the spinner. To explain it quite simply. Hitting the tail on the water, ASP creates a vortex, which gets a stunned fish. If you splash the water hits the spoon, she also is attracted to the ASP. Turning, the fish mouth gathers stunned fry, along with which comes the spoon.

Since ASP is a very cautious fish, when fishing you have inexperienced anglers often there is a large number of problems. For the beginning angler should remember the main rule: in strong currents, the bait are on the diagonal, and with a weak — across. In any case it is impossible to bait against the current.

In autumn, the bite of the asps have at the time of exposure of baits in the water. During the splashdown of the bait bite is so strong that the fisherman often have a hard time holding in his hands a spinning.

Bait for catching ASP autumn

Because in autumn, Chub most of the time at the bottom of the pond, the bait must also be kept closer to the bottom.

The best time for catching of a fish is considered pre-dawn hours. At dawn the fish starts actively hunting, coming out of their shelters and collected in a small group.

As bait experienced anglers use spinners, jigs, artificial flies, vibrohvosta. Often use fry. It would be better if lures used for catching the fish will be Golden or silvery. Artificial flies typically use red or white flowers. The best live bait is bleak, Dace, verkhovka, and all those small fish on which he preys ASP. Since this fish is a shy individual who never let the fisherman in close to his distance, artificial bait needs to be small in size, but have considerable weight. Such baits include the Devonian, spoons, kastmaster.

As a means of fishing, the fishermen usually use fly fishing or spinning, which is equipped with rotating spinners. Sometimes caught on a bottom bait or wiring.

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