Autumn and winter fishing for pike

Guarantee a successful fishing – the understanding of the behavior of predatory fish.

Pike – the predator alone. In the places of existence it defends its covered. The best places are booked by larger fish, and those that are smaller, choose places near coastal areas, near thickets where the water is flowing and well oxygenated. A natural refuge for the predator is karajini and vegetation. In such places a large concentration of fish. Individuals get more depth, and there grow to considerable size.

Place of origin

Directly after the glaciation of the reservoir, the pike hunts where a bunch of fry as possible – at the deep stations. Typically, this happens where a small river, stream, or any other small drain empties into a large water stream, a great river and the bottom suddenly changes its topography. The predator loves Bay, small holes, snags. During high speed it is necessary to choose a seat at a bend of the channel, barrier, coastal projection, and the like.

Catch fish using zherlits

Imitation fish for pike usually coarser than, for example, for catching walleye. Some of them can be placed on the depth, and the other broke. Just so you can understand where is pike. In the event that the imitation fish are about an hour close to shore, and biting no, we need to move them about twenty meters in another hole. To do so, until then, until the attack. Catch and carry imitation fish above the pit and is not worth fishing in such places is not always a successful outcome. Better to do it in areas where the seabed has swings.

Winter zherlits used live bait with a weight of 15 – 30 grams, is able to move and lure a predator. Under the size of the bait and the thickness of the twine pick up the twins or tees a number six or eight hooks and a single number eight – twelve.


Trolling is effective if the depth is not less than three or even five meters, the ice thickness 15 – 20 cm When the thickness of the ice cover up to 10 cm, trolling should be done at a depth of five to seven meters. In the case when the ice is thicker than 20 cm the result is depth independent. The best catch with this method is during sunrise and sunset. Artificial bait is used of any shape and color.

The tactics of fishing

First you need to determine the appropriate location of the pike.

It is often necessary to change the height, which lowered the spoon. Moving, the spinner draws the predator’s attention on themselves.

Pike grabs the bait across. So attach another hook on the middle of the spinner. If the instance gets a decent size, it pull baharicom over the gills so that he could go in the hole.

Pike lives and hunts in a pack. From this conclusion – if you were able to catch one, then, will have to find a new place to catch.

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