Auguste Francotte arms: two centuries of quality

The firm Auguste Francotte for the past two centuries to please hunters, collectors and military. World-famous firm received at the end of the 19th century in connection with the successful production of weapons. A story began from the late 18th century, when was built a factory of portable weapons». First weapons produced for military purposes, then for hunting.

The family of Francotte famous for its double-barrelled fittings. Hunting rifles began to develop at industrial scale only in the 70-ies of the 19th century. Currently, the firm got its name, which is slightly changed in the course of time.

In the 60’s, many arms factories of Belgium were forced to close, leaving only one, and Auguste Francotte, who knows exactly what the market demands weapons.

In our country, Francotte had great popularity in pre-revolutionary time. Thousands of hunters went out with them hunting, and bench hands were very fond of the charging gun. Factory has gathered momentum, but the years of the civil, then of the great Patriotic war did the trick. The power seized from hunters to 80% of the guns and gave it to the smelter. As shown by the local press of those times, Francotte produced the widest range of hunting rifles, from the banal and cheap collectible copies, which cost a lot of money.

In the early 20th century in a fashion includes a gun. By the beginning of the first world war, the firm «August, Brancott» produced accorcance different weights from 2.5 kg to 3.1 kg sizes 20, 16 and 12. The gun was like ejectors and extractors. The feature of the muzzle device Francotte is their long tapered part at the end of which was another contraction. Chalky was a two-stage, which made the accuracy of the battle a large fraction. Sharpness guns provided the tapered barrels and bolts.

In addition to a shotguns, the firm Auguste Francotte produced quality guns with locks on the boards. They were 12 gauge and weighed a 3.1 — 3.3 kg Barrels made of English steel Joseph Whitworth. This gun in Russia cost from 320 to 700 rubles.

After the second world war, the factory ceased to produce cheap hunting rifle and focused on making guns to order.

Currently, Auguste Francotte is a small workshop that employs many specialists, creating true instances of the Armoury. These are the guns where the Wallpapers smooth or rifled barrels, with locks on the boards or updated system «Anson and Dili». In very small instances, the firm produces and shopping carbines with box «Mauser 98». Double barrel is produced with horizontal and vertical shafts for smooth-bore guns 12, 16, 20 and 28th of calibers are made with barrels of different lengths and identical muzzle devices, with two or one trigger, extractors or ejectors. The barrels of percussion mechanisms located mainly on the side boards fitting set of box locks.

Everything that produces firm Auguste Francotte consider a real work of art. At the heart of their work is the motto «functionality first», but the engraving is still important. Customers Liska guns have only very wealthy people. It is the officials who occupy high office, collectors and famous hunters of the USA and France. For obvious reasons, their names are not called. Great demand and old Francotte. To buy them is very difficult. Often the weapons of the famous Belgian arms of the house put up for auction «Sotheby’s» and «Christie» in London.

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