ASP is the only predatory fish from the peace carps. His appearance clearly indicates that the ASP has a pointed head and a mouth that can be compared with a push-lock that allows you to hunt for small fish. The main food of the Chub is bleak, verkhovka, Dace and minnows. Big fish does not cause any predatory instincts. Based on the preferences of fish, the fishermen use as bait, his favorite fish, as well as beetles, grasshoppers, dragonflies, butterflies, various worms, or spinner in the form of a fish, while the stronger the light the spinner rotates, the more attractive it is for carnivorous fish. This fish prefers a large space and average flow. The element of the ASP is running water of rivers and shoals on them, near the dam, on the sandy spits, extending under water, and in the shallows that border the pits. The ASP has a permanent place of hunting, where it is its main minerals. Very often the fish can be found in old snags and fallen trees, among reefs, on the edge from the shore and the Islands, where the current forms whirlpools. ASP is very easy to spot by its characteristic behavior in water: very often he jumps out of the water, and when floating » ASP » pack, is the so-called «» ASP «battle».

Catching fish carries a sporting interest and is carried out from the shore, with the stones on the river shallows, boats and dams. It should be noted that this is a very cautious fish and tries to get away, if you notice the fisherman, so when fishing you need the secrecy and remoteness of the fishermen. Fishing spinning is typically used, the optimum length of which should be 3-3,5 m. the Vehicle takes away, sometimes 70-100 m. In the coil, which should have a high gear ratio, usually wound braid or monofil. Braided line allows you to carry out long casts and keep the bait, the monofil is very good when fishing for large asps. As bait to use various lures, and various additions to them. So some fishermen say that the tail hook spinners of goat hair significantly increases the number of bites. If catching fish is a simple fishing pole, as bait, use smaller fish, bugs and the like. Since ASP can only attack in the upper layers of the water, then the transaction is carried out with great speed, trying all the time to keep the bait on the surface. If fishing is conducted from the dam, the first throw close to, each time increasing the casting distance. Fisherman can also walk along the dam up and down, transmitting the movement of the bait, which eventually covers a large area, which increases the chances of success. When catching fish from a boat are very effective the following method: go for the bait, and when the coil is fully unwound, quickly bring the lure to him. If you are caught with a stone, or from the shore, make long-distance casting not less than 20 m. the Tactics of bait – the same. ASP very attracted to strong rotation of the spinner. Intense bite of the ASP was observed in the morning and evening hours, but sometimes they can occur sluggish bite. ASP has no industrial value and is used for sporting and Amateur fishing.

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