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If you decide to catch a Chub, then you need some tips. You need to forget everything you think you know about catching predatory fish. During such fishing can not be any distractions. Don’t try to catch a pike or anyone. The process of catching the fish is quite long. You can sit without result even for an hour. But this does not mean that you will not feel a powerful blow, after which the real fight will begin. This behavior is characteristic of large individuals. Why should not be distracted by catching other fish? Because you can skip ASP. You need a lot of patience and perseverance. Only with such qualities it is possible to count on success.

And now to the tactics of catching.

Catching fish can surge. This tactic is widespread among lovers of breeding this fish. When you are in the morning or evening) watching the water and hear a nearby strong surge, turn in the direction whence he came. Do in the direction of the throw. It will be another blow fish. And then everything depends on you.

Blow doesn’t always happen. You can expect a slight surge or jumping bleak their water. All these are signs of the presence of a predator nearby. Surge can occur in any part of the reservoir. Remember that your reaction to the ASP must be instantaneous. Don’t count on that as soon as you throw the lure the fish will let you know. Just keep trying. When Chub hunting for fish, he is gaining a lot of speed, then crashes into the pack, where it finds its prey. However, he does a tail-whip, which stuns the victims. That is what is so-called anglers fight the fish. It all happens so fast that you just do not have time to make a throw in the right direction, as the fish is far away. If you choose this tactic, then be the necessary response and patience.

The position of the spinning is also important. When you expect a spike, sit down, and dip spoon in water. ASP does not like human society. Accordingly, such manipulation will be done is not in vain. This fish is quite shy.

So, here you have seen the signs of the presence of ASP. Immediately to throw the spinner in the right direction! If you’re lucky, and ASP did not have to go, then you can definitely hope for a strike. You expect from a fish strike in response. If this did not happen, then wait for the next fish. Or… change tactics.

Fishing «blind» brings the best fruit. However, the majority of anglers that somehow resist. Preliminary tactics more spectacular, if you look at it from an aesthetic point of view. However, repetitive casts, in order to pierce the water table from all sides, which will grant you success.

Especially good to use this tactic in the studied reservoir.

Always be alert, if you want to catch such fish as Chub.

After you’ve exhausted all possible reproaches, we can go to another place.

A little about the wiring of the spinner.

So, let’s see how quick must be the wiring when fishing for ASP. It’s kind of hard to describe. Just throw as fast as you can. Just try it in practice, you will be able to correctly answer this question. Each spinner can throw a certain speed, and its you should find. Do not let the spinner out on the plane. She should be active and easy to play, nothing more. During the surface layer of water, the spinner in any case should not jump. Ensure that it is moved evenly and at a certain depth.

When you choose speed transaction, you can proceed to the next stage. Namely, the absorption behaviors of ASP. If he is fairly active, then it must be in your wiring. Fish can hardly resist. The same rule applies in the opposite case, when the ASP is characterized by passive behavior. The larger the person, the slower the transaction she likes.

Talk about biting of a pike

It is primarily diverse.

Basically, the fish are attacking the lure when it is in the horizontal plane. He likes to catch up with her in the back and do light lifting. This suggests that you will find a good bite and good result.

If you’ve seen up close the bite of the ASP? If so, he had to remember his behavior. Here, the fish sees the lure and attack it from the side. After hitting Chub bait leads the way. And then came that is towing.

They say that ASP does not offer resistance when playing. However, in practice you will see that it is not. Now you have at least some willingness to do this. ASP strong, active and very much alive. After the first pull you will feel it all. Fish doesn’t lure into, to get lost in the bushes. And the more she won’t be hiding in the Bush.

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