As the spring catch carp

Carp is a typical representative of the carp family. Homeland – East Asia. Length reaches 1 m, weight up to 20 kg. widely for its ability to eat aquatic vegetation, which is the main food for this fish.

Body elongate, flattened laterally. Back gray-green with a yellowish tinge; flanks light Golden.

The presence of this fish in our waters is evidence of its artificial breeding. Habitat – reservoirs, irrigation canals, which are used for cooling water plants, where there is a lot of vegetation. The meat is delicious and fatty. It is an important object for pond fish production. Amur it feeds mainly on aquatic and submerged plants. Even practiced method of bait cut grass. Eats so much vegetation, how much he weighs. This fish cleans our waterways from any vegetation.

Start fishing for carp should be at warming up water 12-15 degrees in a large aquatic vegetation. Very careful fish, the presence of feed in the pond will never take the bait offered by the fisherman. But if you decide to hunt for Cupid, they should be well prepared. A reliable fishing rod to take carp, the load should be heavy, long leash. Nozzle can serve corn and boilies with the smell of fragrance. On the place of fishing should not immediately throw the bait, the fish are very cautious. Just need to catch a couple of fish that others have used to the noise. Then throw the bait to the end of fishing. And the biggest specimens do not want to feed with the others, so moving 10-15 meters, you can catch a big fish. The bait used corn flakes, oats, hemp.

Catch Cupid in the spring, prerequisite for its successful catching is quiet and clear weather. Must be quiet, otherwise the fish will be frightened and go away into the Bush. Bait are young plants: small cucumbers, leaves of peas, clover may be an earth worm. Bait takes away from the intended location of Cupid, then slowly pull to the site of the bite. The bite is instant, slicing down to do long and fast. Feeling that fish on the hook, should hastily lead it to the shore, not allowing to make throws and reversals. When leaving fish in the thickets to get her out is impossible. Process on shore can last long enough – Amur strong fish. It is also desirable to have the landing net.

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